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     He was in love, he was in love with the predators of his kind but he was nervous, he was nervous of giving her a gift. and after time he got the courage to give it to her and did and what he got back was horrible. He got called a Monster so he took a piece of her piece of advise but he was heartbroken so he hid away in a cave and mastered the art of chaos from middle chaos to the worst chaos of all so he set out to kill, crumble or destroy. and he did so, even the great elementals so he made a throne looking just like himself viewing all of the chaotic land but then were two alicorns he knew them, they were the sisters, but one he loved was the one who killed his parents. So they sayed "Discord, we have had enough of your mind games you  must or we will show brute force." and Discord said back "You are not getting me out of here that quick." and he put a cloud of chocolate milk over their heads and laughingly said "Well aren't you a little rain on my parade." and laughed histericley and they replied with a magic streak. And so the historic fight began, and ended with him using his mind maybe I can courupt her Discord thought. So he set a chaotic blast for Selestia It deflected off of her and hit Luna, parelizing her for a second but they stood together and turned him into stone and his last thoughts were the sadist thoughts were the one I loved was the last I ever saw. the reason Selestia did this is that she could change him because she really, truly, loved him.



But she didn't know the blast would hurt equestria in the long run.



feel free to edit or leave a comment

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as you said i should feel free to edit, here i present to you my edited version! :D

i hope i didn't change too much of it, but this is kinda how i percepted it.




He was in love. 

He was in love with the predators of his kind.


But he was also nervous. Nervous of giving her a gift. 

And when he finally scraped together enough courage to go and give it to her, what he got back was horrible.


They called him a monster. A beast not worthy of living amongst them.

He took her advice, and hid away, heartbroken. He found shelter in a cave far away from their kind. Filled with rage, he started to form powers of chaos and magic. Over the years, he mastered this dark art further and further. From the smallest of accidents to worst of disasters. All performed in the act of a single lust for revenge.


He set out to kill, crumble and destroy. He would overthrow the greatest of powers. Rule the mightiest of kingdoms. He would have his revenge. And so it was, his power ranged over all of Equestria. He sat at his throne, his simbol of status, carved out of stone to look like a copy of his own form. He had absolute authority.


That is, untill two alicorns came to his reign. He knew them, they where the sisters. One of them being his love, while in the meantime being the creature he hated most. She had brokeh his heart. She had killed his parents in cold blood, taking over the rule of this land. She had unceremonially taken what was all rightfully his. 


"Discord!" She bellowed. "We have had enough of your games. We shall give you the chance to surrender now. It will be your only warning."


He smirked. Looking anything but threathened. 

"You won't be getting me out of here that quick." Snapping his fingers, a heavy cloud raining chocolate milk formed over the alicorns with a small poof. 

"Oh look at that, arn't you a little rain on my parade." A hysterical laugh erupted as he mocked the sisters.


The alicorns shared a look, and replied with a streak of powerfull magic. A hystoric battle commenced between the three creatures. Flashes of magic erupting from side to side as they all battled for the rule over Equestria. 


He shot a streak of magic at the mind of the great white alicorn, hoping to corrupt her thoughts. Instead, the magic deflected off of her and struck her sister, making for her to be dazed. After a few seconds of stumbling, also she recovered.


The sisters had enough. The battle had continued on for too long, and the collateral damage was nearing the line. As the sisters shared a final look, they both reached in their saddlebags and charged up the six gemstones simultanuosly.

As the elements fired, the battle was ended with a enormous blast. Turning their foe into stone.


As he felt his body become cold and immobile, his last vision was from the one he loved. Her face the last he would ever percept.


In reality tough, the sisters hadn't killed him. They had captured him. Hoping that one day, he might be reformed. Changed, to leave the chaos behind. 


Become who he was so many years ago.


The one she loved.




welp, that's it :P hope you like it!

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@@Equin Starbeat, well, sorry about that. thanks for pointing out the mistakes in a free of charge edited fanfic. ._. 

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