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My Thanks To All.


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Thank you everyone here at these forums who have been my friends and helped me through some grievous times. Put I have said this enough times and I would like to give some personal thanks out to some of the people of these forums.


This list couldn't start any other way than having my BEST friend at the top.


Thank you ProjectRKA for being my friend since I pretty much started out on these forums. You have helped me the most through hard times and I hope our friendship will never end!

Have a quote from when he first started out on the forums, before me.


Hi there... I'm new here ;). Found out about the mlp show a while ago, and fell in love with it :P

I'm a 17 years old guy, and i become 18 in like 2 months or so...


-Cba to write a long introduction, so ask if you'd like ! :)





I would like to give you a very big thank you. Thank you for opening these forums and making it possible for us to join you. Thank you for working so hard to keep these forums going. Thank you for being friends with all of the members of your our forums. Thank you.



Though you aren't a more chatty one of my friends, you are still a very good friend. I thank you for being my friend and talking to me. (I also thank you for getting me into LoL though im not much of a fan of it now). Thank you.



Although we haven't been friends for that long I still feel like we get on quite well and I like that. I hope our friendship can continue between us and I hope to have an everlasting friendship with you.


I am sorry if I left some of you out. If you want to be mentioned (and we are actually friends) please ask me and I will add a bit for you as well.


Once more, thank you all!

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