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About this blog

A little blog for me and my friend Question Mark.

Entries in this blog


New chapters release.


I have finished more translation,
as a thought I'm able to handle.
So enjoy a new chapter in both of my ongoing stories.
First a double chapter of a loving family.
You can decide in which direction I shall write.


And second a new Chapter for a Game of Homes.


Enjoy my work and comment if you like.




today I would like to present you my new fanfiction.
It is kind of Hearth's Warming story and unlike the usually thing.
I would like to say it is different.
They're no three ghosts, but three Crusaders instead.
Enjoy and leave a comment, if you like.


I have finished yet another chapter of my Fanfiction.
I hope you enjoy it a little bt.
Today Rainbow Dash finds out the truth behind Scootaloo,
and she learns, that she isn't able to fly.


If you like to have a overall look about the fanfiction,here is your chance.


Enjoy my writing and feel free to comment.


Yours Redhatbrony, a.k.a. Lethrael


Hello fellow Bronies,


today I have finished another piece of my work.
I would like to introduce you to:
Behind the Fandom: Why are so many Fans trying to write Fanfictions?


"Anybody can cook...write a Story."
This is one part of my analysis and no I don't think, that anybody can write a good story.
Like a good cook you must spend time and energy to become a good writer.
If you like check up my video for further rants, or analysis.


Please enjoy my work.
Yours Redhatbrony.


Hello my fellow Bronies,


I have finished my neyxt translation.
The next chapter is the first, where one of the M6 is playing a significant role for the young filly.
Twilight Sparkle has a request for a schoolfilly and Scootaloo is the first who volunteers.
Enjoy it a litte and comment, if you want to.


Hello fellow Bronies,


as an attempt to interest more reader for my work,
I start to link up my little fanfiction here.
If you are interested, please feel free to add a comment here or opn Fimfiction.
I have written about Scootaloos past and origin.
It started shortly before the Season 1 Opener and we follow then her path down in Ponyville.
Without further introduction, enjoy Scootaloos Adventures in Ponyville.


I will add new entries, when I translate new chapters.
So please give it a chance and try out my writing.
Yours Redhatbrony.

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