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  1. Welcome Bronies, so I have finished my next translation. It's a chapter in which Scootaloo met a new friend. A certain violet unicorn filly. Yes it's Dinky. Feel free to comment, or review. A Game of Homes Main Page Yours Redhatbrony.
  2. Again I've finished my next chapter right now. It's important for the story, because it sets the antagonist and the mood for the other chapters, who are about to come. So feel free to enjoy and comment. Seriously, I wish somebody would comment. An author without any feedback tends to stay at his misstakes. So comment, please. A loving Family Main page
  3. I've finished my latest translatiion. I think it's a fine one. So please enjoy my work and comment If you want to, So without further redo. A loving family. Three friends. Story Main Page
  4. Welcome Bronies, I have finished my latest chapter. Enjoy it and comment if you please. So in this chapter we actuall see a little bit of Scootaloo's backstory and that her foster parent do like her. Without further redo, Enjoy just for a few days. And If you want to, try out my story in the first place., it could surprise you. A loving family,
  5. I love this episode. Its a great art of writing and a nice character piece for me.
  6. I love this kind of plot design. Its shows what luck we have with so good writers. Thanks for this.
  7. I have finished my latest review right now. I hope you would enjoy it and if you want to, share, subscribe, or recommend because every little viewer counts.
  8. I've finished my next chapter right niow. But I'm a little bit dissatisfied with it. So if you want to read and comment. Thanks for your time. A loving family Seeyou soon. Yours Redhatbrony
  9. I've finished my review right now. And I have to say this episode was even weaker, than the one before. I dislike daybreaker and the fight in this episode. So it's more a rant, than a review. But still here is my video.
  10. Welcome Bronies, I've finished my latest review and, well it's more a rant, than a review. However, enjoy my work and shar, subscribe or recommend, because every little viewer counts.
  11. I've finished my latest Review or better Rant. I think this episode is the weakest of the whole Season 7. Please don't be mad at me.
  12. I've finished my latest review right now. I'm sorry to be so tardy, but I have to wait till I could get my hooves on a fine video just a few hours ago. So enjoy the new review and feel free to share, subscribe, or recommend. Because every little viewer counts.
  13. Yay, I have finished my latest review right now. I'm sorry for my delay, but I couldn't get the episode much further, so I had to make the video just now. And I have to say: I don't liike Rarity so much. However enjoy my work.
  14. I have to say, I don't like rarity and Applejack is was to odd, but for me not out of character. All the other stuff is in my review. Enjoy.