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Welcome to @McFlurryHeart's blog! Here, I share my thoughts on stuff (be it MLP or other), ask for art advice, and more!

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Another Random Quiz!

Hello!  (This'll probably be my last post before I go offline from 21st July to 14th September. Welp, anyways...) It's time for another random quiz. I got this one from a teacher of mine.   Q: There are 10 birds on a tree branch one evening. Suddenly, there was a loud "BOOM"! If 3 of the birds fainted because of the loud sound, how many were on still on the branch? Why? A: __________  

fun Random Fun Quiz #1

Hallo everypony! Welcome to my first ever blog entry! What better way to start a blog than a fun little leisure logic quiz?   Here's the question: "You want to go for a sleep. This image shows the map of your bedroom," "You want to sleep lights off. But you are scared of the dark. How can you switch off all the ceiling lights using the light switch without any assistance  and sleep on your bed before your room gets dark?"   Answer: