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  1. Hello, I've finished another edit! (Swipe for sketch uwuu) Aaand, the speed vid!
  2. Hmmm, I'd say I'm pretty happy with it. Since I'm still pretty young, it'd be no question my weight is 38kg (84lbs) but that sounds like a lot for a 4"9 girl like myself. Though, I'm targetting 35 or 36 kg because why not? (maybe because am pretty short)
  3. I have two words in my name. Here's one of them: Adriana
  4. Welp, welcome to the forums, @Cocokoru! Make lots of friends and enjoy your stay here.
  5. Would you like to try mine out? The text should be my username. The desogn, go crazy! Thanks, my friend!
  6. Definitely awsum! Nice job, my friend. Thank youu.. uwu

    New hair edit! UwU

  8. Ma Bootiful O/C! Thanks @LaptopDJ for drawing it!

    the request thread is still open, btw. I'm just promoting it, since the drawings were awesome!



    1. Tacodidra


      Very cute! ^_^ They did an awesome job! :squee:

  9. Oh,, wow! That lookz awsum! Thanks for drawing it!!!! An outrageous portrayal of her! Well done! And thanks again! UwU
  10. I've heard that @Feather Spiral bakes people's avatars into cookies and feeds them to his dinosaur!
  11. McFlurryMaddie


    Welcome @jjpp! (I literally thought your name was @jipp and it took away, like 10 seconds of my life trying to @mention it That's coming out of your paycheck.) Aaaaanyways, I hope you'll have a lovely time around these parts! You can send me a PM anytime if you favor some small talk. See you around!
  12. I'm glad nobody leaves the cheese out, otherwise, I'll find your address and send you a creeper!