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  1. im still alive


    not like anybody cares lol


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    2. Tacodidra


      Welcome back, my friend! :rarity:

    3. Lulaypp


      Hooray you have come back from the grave!

      Hey! You're still here!!!! I was thinking I haven't seen you in a while.

    4. Blivy


      Omg I like your avatar! 

  2. Hello! It's alright! After all, this thread is yours, not ours! Take your time, and most importantly, take care! Don't get too caught up in recording the perfect voiceover that you actually forgot about the wonderful voice I know you have within you. (hey, but tbh, I feel you,,) And I hope things will get better for you soon in life! be grateful that you're getting there, let the changes be gradual so that you could feel the bliss at the end of everything!
  3. McFlurryMaddie

    OC Advice

    McFlurryHeart's Original Character Advice Welcome to my OC Advice blog entry! I'll share some of my knowledge regarding authoring/designing an outstanding OC so that EVERYONE can make good OCs! ----------------------------- Before all, let's get to know WHAT is an OC. (But I'm sure ya'll already know it) (click the spoiler) Now that you know what an OC is, let's move onto the first part of creating a good character: designing a good character. (click the spoiler)
  4. Welcome to the community, @Sushoodle! I'm glad you decided to join! if you ever need to chat with someone, feel free to send me a message! My mailbox is always open! I hope you'll have a wondrous time here.
  5. Because it is created to be so. Which is better: cakes or cupcakes?
  6. No problem! :3 Oooh, you do? Thanks!
  7. Welcome to the forums, @Operetta! So, you're a fan of Rd, and videogames? I guess we can be homies! Anyways, have a great time around these parts and make lots of new friends!
  8. Hey thanks for the follow! X3

  9. Welcome, @applesjck! Can't wait to see you around!
  10. Hello and welcome to the forums, @PonyOfIslam! I can't wait to see you around. Oh, well, I guess we share the same religion! Great to meet a fellow Muslim brony! (I'm from Malaysia, though)
  11. So,,,, I drew something.... .-. :squee:


    1. RaraLover


      She looks amazing. Great job, my friend! ^_^

    2. Tacodidra


      She's adorable! ^_^ Well done! :yay:

    3. Madam Rarity
  12. So, I've had a couple of requests done for me in the past weeks and decided to post them! :sassy:


    This on was by citation found#2785 on Discord. He/She is open for requests most of the time, so if you're in luck, you might get one done for yourself! It's unbelievable though, that he/she doesn't have a commission shop. This quality of art for free is just amazing!



    Though just being a sketch, this piece of art is amazing! This one was by yukuro#7477 on DC as well.

    1. Madam Rarity

      Madam Rarity

      when'll youi start to color?

  13. Guys, I didn't know it was like this. :(



    Thank greatness the Malay yoghurt/milk company I know don't do this. :sassy:

    1. Lulaypp


      Yeah. It is very sad. I think I knew this some years ago. Not to this detail though.

  14. 3/10 sorry, just not a fan of these kinds of music.