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    Just go left down the cliff, tumble around for a little bit, and you should be there. Oh, and don't wear seatbelts. :)
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  1. Wow. I thought thinking you as a staff was odd. Now you are even a moderator. Congrats and good luck!
  2. Congrats to the winners. And I got what I came for. The badge. A really nice one too.
  3. I need to stop letting me down down down down down
  4. Could not guess that. "Pass my drug test. They're negative."
  5. Curious to know, anyone else listened to 5SOS' album CALM?

    1. Joker Q

      Joker Q

      No, just you in the entire world

    2. Kujamih
    3. Lulaypp


      Loooonelyyyyyy, I am so looonelyyyyy

  6. Pinkie Pie - My excitement and energy. Plus my willingness to make others happy. Fluttershy - I am rather shy and quiet. I love various animals. Plus, stage-fright. Luna - I'll be honest, I am not really sure how canon Luna is like, so I am mostly referring to fanon Luna. Passionate, stores anger, but not really hateful. Tendancy to be jealous of people, especially those close to them, is rather high.
  7. Cooking cooking. I like to cook. Eating eating. I like to eat. It's fun to cook and eat together.
  8. What really?!?! He was such a great singer (I may not be a fan, but I aknowledge his skills). The Coward of the County (think that is the title) has always been my favourite from him.
  9. Newton - Peep and the Big Wide World
  10. Lulaster (Oh my goodness I miss this game who ressurected it!)
  11. Way to get your feet wet!
  12. On Spotify so I can't post it here, but it is Slow Hands - Niall Horan. (Still have yet to listen to Heartbreak Weather :P)