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    Just go left down the cliff, tumble around for a little bit, and you should be there. Oh, and don't wear seatbelts. :)
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  1. Lulaypp

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Villainny entice me, powerful or not. So does superheroing. But I seem to have a decent sense of morality. So powerful or weak, Superhero would be my answer. (Plus, what kind of weakness? Mind? Power? Experience? Morality?) Are you a brain person or brawn person?
  2. Yup. Plenty of times at the Forum Games. (And the creator of the AZ Song game. Me likes)
  3. Lulaypp

    Songs A-Z

    You Should Be Dancing - Bee Gees
  4. Lulaypp

    Songs A-Z

    Olivia - One Direction
  5. Not my favourite song from them or the album and I usually won't turn it on individually, but I was listening to CALM so why not. I don't hate it, just not particularly my thing.
  6. Lulaypp

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Plain vanilla. Sometimes there are those cookies and cream which are nice. Or strawberry. But my favourite by far is vanilla. What book would you recommend for someone to read?
  7. I might have. I like the song so I probably did.
  8. The magic rope! We can get out! *walks off log edge*
  9. Lulaypp

    Songs A-Z

    Long Way Home - 5 Seconds of Summer
  10. One of the most unknown song from the biggest band in the planet. And since this forum has little to no Directioners, I guessing no one here has heard it.
  11. I think the problem was not really Starlight more to how writer handle her (probs because too many writers with different ideas). So I might not change her really. Though I might power her down a lil' and highlight her cutie mark talent more. Mane Six to Battle: Vinyl Nods Mane Six Group Meeting: Vinyl Nods Cutie Map Adventure: Vinyl Nods Mane Six Defeated in Battle: Vinyl Nods Impromtu Song: Vinyl Nods Vinyl to the Rescue: Vinyl Nods
  12. Uh. I highly believe Boboiboy and his gang has not been ponified (although I haven't payed attention to the fandom as of late so can't really say).
  13. This is probably one of the first 1D songs I would highly recomend people to listen to. The harmonies, lyrics and composition are just so wonderful! Do give it a listen. #streamSoMLto1B
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