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  1. It's alright buddy, take your time. What is important is that you are taking care of yourself.
  2. because she is best pony Personally, I believe she does have a plenty of emoticon-able expressions. Plus many want more villain characters to be added to the emotes list.
  3. Getting 100% on my Scince Paper 1 recently. So proud of that one.
  4. Oh please do!!! I would gladly suggest a Celestia Emoticon just to have that happen! Throwing in my own suggestion, I think Zecora, Changelings (reformed or not) and any of the Student Six fits the bill. Though I think people suggested those and they're part of the list. So maybe someone from either of the movies, The Movie or Rainbow Roadtrip. Another would be Granny Smith.
  5. Hunger Games Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker Most of Disney Movies Maze Runner There are actually a ton of movies that I have never watched, but these are some of the ones people often talk about that I can currently think of.
  6. Partially actively learning Portuguese. I am occasionally learning pieces of Spanish from hearing my sister talk and Dora the Explorer.
  7. Threaten it to reveal itself with a chainsaw. My cat is dying.
  8. Now to catch an hour of sleep. Good night people.

    Happy new year.

    1. Blivy


      Goodnight have a good rest! 

    2. Totally Nyx

      Totally Nyx

      Goodnight Lulay. Happy New Year! :)

  9. Uh. Chaotic. But honestly, last year me probably would not believe I made it through the year moderately alright. Finished exam, finding confidence to communicate with stangers, remeeting people from the forums, rediscovering why I love Tim Drake, reignite my love for Michael Jackson's music. I apparently accomplish a plenty of things on 2019, stupid things or sensible things. So I think 2019 for me personally had been alright. Ridiculously chaotic, but alright.
  10. I actually got two vote. Huh. Didn't think I'll get any. That is nice.
  11. How famous is considered famous? I met a person who was one of my country's minister back then. My father was a good friend of this known figure so I met him on many occasion. I met the former Inspector General of Police once. And I went to Adnan Othman's (Used to be a popular singer here) house once. But like world level famous, no. I think not.