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Random thoughts and stuff about what's going on to sort my thoughts out c:

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Friendship Studies

*takes a deep breath* Okies! So, hanging out with friends has been lovely. It's truly soothed some of my social anxiety after this weird pandemic thingy. Actually, one of my friends introduced me to someone new, we'll call him Jared, it turns out I thought he didn't like me due to his stern demeanor but he's simply just very reserved (like me!) and it seems misunderstood. After a while, we got to know each other and it seems an actual friendship is formed.  I've also been speaking to a

Playing Gris for the first time

The first time I saw this game, I fell in love with the visuals of it. It's just one of those things where you know you're going to love something before you know you are. It is such a somber but sweet game. I've been playing it when I am at home and alone. I love the music and the art is so breathtaking. Actually, the art has inspired me to do more background art -- which is one of my weaknesses. I have to say, the WIP above turned out better than I thought -- considering I'm a complete ne

Next day nwn

Yesterday was very interesting. I hung out with friends and even met new people. I think I shall do one thing every day to take Mark's advice in hanging out more often nwn Also, this song video is so sweet, it makes me sentimental.    

Meep! D:

I'm a little nervous about later today. I was invited over to some friends and after the lockdown and becoming adjusted to isolation and "steering clear" from passing/receiving the virus, my social skills have plummeted. I used to be a social butterfly who mingled and hung around so many people! In fact, I love people.... But I've also come to realize that I've been such a poor friend to those who were there for me/pursuing me during this time. I think I may have developed a lockdown depres

*first memory drop* c:

I'm sentimental, so I'm posting this here to save the memory. My friend Raindrop dedicated this song to me when I was feeling sad. It's called Wave Music and it's upbeat and sweet. He says it reminds him of me.   

Silky Spook

Silky Spook in Friends

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