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My Solitude.

Sig Hoovestrong


Well i been off the line for while now. And i haven't been able put my finger on why, on-till now. First of all i want late all my friend's i love you all. But some time i go into solitude and just want to be left alone. Been dos time always have reason to time. Even if can't see them at first. I think is it is pressure, to live up to everyone's expectations, that got to me. I try to be best of bud as i can be to people. But more then often i get overwhelmed. And on other side my many protract i put on my self to get done, and not doing time. Also makes me feel bad even if know there really no time limit to them. But yet again get pressured by them. And then we have my own boredom level's. It seem when i get bored i make new projects. This would be all fine and dandy if it whereat for fact. That feel like deli-acting dos i already started. However i feel am starting get hold of my feels one's again now. And hopefully that results me begin online more often so my friends may comic-act with me.


Well, back to businesses i suppose. :)

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Hun, taking time off to gather your thoughts and feelings and to feel better, is nothing, I repeat, nothing to ever feel bad about. *HUGS* You are an amazing guy and an even more amazing friend.

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Sig, you are the best bud around. :3


I understand what you're feeling. I've been under a lot of stress and crap at work that I took some days off just to collect myself. And it helps.

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