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  1. um.. I...ah.... *gazes around the room randomly* ah...I think...I feel strange... like I'm here but not here... in a trance or...something

  2. Follow Troblem's example and you'll be set for life! this gal is amazing and super! (suck up I know but I've known her since before she became staff so it's okay XD) anyway, she is a great example of how to take a somewhat stresful life and still make the most of it!
  3. i super hope Chip and Hershey never get hurt (how could you call Choco and Chocolate's babies dumb!?)
  4. Here, you can read this thread: http://mlpforums.com/topic/99165-heartbroken-and-need-advice/#entry2667524
  5. Sadly, that may no longer be the case in the near future.. things have...died down a lot since we were first together and...I dunno...
  6. *sigh* I guess I am just no good in relationships...

    1. Vinyl Scratch.

      Vinyl Scratch.

      What happened? D:

    2. Kyoshi


      Not only am I like you in that aspect, but I am also waaaaaaay worse. My chances at love are basically blech.

  7. Well...I may have found a new forum home in Everypony...

    1. C. Thunder Dash

      C. Thunder Dash

      Hey! I've got an account there!

    2. yayayayayala :3

      yayayayayala :3

      Me too! At least, now I do! ^U^

  8. @, All shall worship and love the flying spaghetti monster! Join the cult today!
  9. Okay Chikorita, you most likely know me more through our mutual friends, Super, Geek, Tangent (ofcourse) and others, but out of curiosity, if I wasn't with Tangent, who would you picture me with?
  10. Dont you already have HyperHooves? In any case, if the both of us were single, my answer would be, sure why not?
  11. Well not just that but the constant wars, polluting the planet and killing for sport
  12. Do us humans count? I mean techinically we are still animals, we display animalistic 'qualities' and the such.. With all our so called 'higher thinking ability' we sure can make some really dumb decisions and shite..