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GOTY Speculation: The Assassin vs The Super Soldier

Colon Leftbracket


Alright so the November releases are coming upon us and usually this is a rather great time to be a huge fan of video games. November tends to be the BIG MONTH for HUGE RELEASES to come in before the holidays.


The biggest of upcoming releases as far as console games go are; Assassin's Creed III, Halo 4, and Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (haha, I don't much care for that last one)


Both games seem to be head to head in competition for which one I want to choose as my favorite of the year. Unfortunately it is hard to tell since neither of them are out yet, but that's why this is mere speculation....




Halo 4: I already have Halo 4 preordered, and hopefully Amazon will ship it to me on release day so I can get a jump start on this one. Initially, when Halo 4 was announced I let out an unimpressed sigh of zero surprise and inevitability. Everyone saw this coming and there was no way on avoiding it. Now that sounds rather negative, but that was my insight on the game as it was announced. I wasn't happy with Halo for the time being and jumping to a new developer didn't sound promising at the time. I will miss Bungie though. Halo won't be the same without them...


But perhaps not for the worse. Halo: Reach was Bungie's last hurrah with Halo and it was a game that I loved greatly in its first few months. But something about it seemed aged and unfresh, tired one may say. The Halo Trilogy (ODST included imo) are games that I think are still ageing quite well. I can pick up any of these titles and still have fun with it. But Halo: Reach felt different, it aged a lot like milk and has spoiled greatly over time. It actually makes me physically sick to play or just look at. Maybe this is a sign that a new developer is just what the franchise needed (or to be put to rest, but that's your call really).


So I wasn't looking forward to more Halo... in fact I swore that I was pretty well done with Halo for good a while back. But recently I have been looking into the new development team and how this game has evolved. It seems as fresh as brand new! I'm really hyped to pick it up.


The storyline seems interesting, the new enemies look like a lot of fun to fight but also great to look at (that design!), and the multiplayer elements seem like a ton of fun. It actually is making me care about Halo again which is something I thought impossible a few months back.


Hell it has one of my friends who is a non-fan of Halo but a lover of Assassin's Creed saying that it looks to be some pretty stiff competition for Assassin's Creed III. Speaking of which....




Assassin's Creed III: Assassin's Creed is a series I've felt pretty confused about much like in the same respect as the Halo franchise. I feel its one of the best shining examples of modern video games out there. Assassin's Creed introduced one of my favorite modern video game storylines where it follows a bloke named Desmond who relives the lives of his rather badass assassin heritage. All of this to stop some evil organization from taking over or destroying the world or something... well I'll admit I'm a bit blurry on the storyline, but its pretty damn cool.


Then it had one of the most perfect sequels I've ever played. It improved everything. The new Assassin was likable and cool, the new setting time and place was a lot of fun, and all the new gameplay and story elements revolutionized the series! I was in a deep bliss playing this game!


...And then they went and fucked it all up! Assassin's Creed II had not just one part, not just two, but THREE goddamn parts! Two, Brotherhood, and then Revelations! Two was great, better than great its one of my favorite modern video games. Brotherhood added a rather interesting multiplayer mode, but really wasted its time with Ezio in Italy that I figured was finished by the end of Two. The multiplayer mode could've just been DLC or a separate $20 downloadable game. And Revelations seems like an even worse waste of time! There's nothing really new and the storyline doesn't really go anywhere important. In my opinion they should've just went to Three!


Now even when Three was announced I felt myself a bit disappointed. It had a similar feeling of inevitability as Halo 4's announcement but at the time I was just glad to hear that we weren't wasting more time in Two's world. Then I heard the setting was Colonial America, and for the longest time I felt like NOT playing this game just because the setting. I liked exploring time periods and settings of places I don't know too well, but being an American this just seems pretty boring to me.


But then I started to see how development was going and now I am really excited! There seems to have this more outdoors woods stealth focus. The character is not some white bread American patriot or British chap like I feared, but a half blood Native American named Connor. Having him more Native American based makes him far more interesting since I and many other Americans don't even fully understand the lives and culture of the Natives that we wiped out to get here. Jumping through the woods, sneaking up and preying on animals or people sounds exciting! The non-city locations in other Assassin's Creed games were really boring so I'm glad they are focusing on something fresh.


Unfortunately, I do not have it preordered yet, nor do I think I'll have the money to afford this title by the time of its release, but I optimistically look forward to it.




Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Nah... you can keep that if you want it. I'm sure I'll be invited to my brother's to play whatever new zombie modes they have and to play a bit of the local multiplayer, but I have zero interest in this game's single or competitive multiplayer anymore.




I find it odd that I find myself comparing these two games. It will be a hard comparison because they are nearly polar opposites. One has a singleplayer but is more geared towards multiplayer and the other has multiplayer but is more geared towards singleplayer. I normally find myself as a singleplayer type of player so maybe Assassin's Creed III will win me over, but something about Halo 4 just has me siding with it for now. Halo 4's singleplayer will probably be a pleasable experience in itself, but there's something about Halo 4's competitive and cooperative multiplayer that has me going back to it. It will be fun to play both of these titles and get back to you on which I liked more. November seems like a killer month to get back into gaming.




(If you are getting either of these titles on Xbox 360, you can add me, Stachioed, and maybe we can play sometime or just talk over the chat)

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Personally, I think Halo 4 will be the superior game. Assassin's Creed is becoming pretty repetitive and boring in terms of mission objectives and playthroughs. No matter what, it always seems to end up as 1 of 3 missions: Kill everyone, kill a target and optionally kill everyone else, or only kill the target. Halo's single player looks interesting and they have made some new features and improvements to multiplayer.

That is not to say that I am counting Assassin's Creed out, I do think that it looks pretty cool, but I'd have to play through it before I could judge.

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@@Twiliscael, hmm... I guess this is similar to how I look at it. Halo 4 seems to be at least a better sequel. Its predecessors seeing that it has literally been built from the ground up by a new development team.


Assassin's Creed III seems to show quite a bit of change too, but I totally get what you mean by the repetitive missions.But from what I've seen there seems to be a bit more of an environmental focus that should help to freshen up the game. Apparently on the main map there is quite a bit of room between New York and Boston and you can get from one to the other without ever touching the ground via climbing trees and whatnot.

That alone is a neat environmental change.

As far as missions go I have no idea what changes they have made. I guess that remains to be seen.

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@@Steamgamer27, Well I'll certainly say it will probably have a better singleplayer.

Halo's singleplayer usually leaves me a bit unsatisfied, but there is a lot of room for this one to go and if any of my friend's claims are right its set to be a MASSIVE campaign taking up an entire Xbox disc alone. We'll see I guess.


Hmm... normally I just focus one singleplayer and ignore multiplayer, but lately I've felt that its just better to judge moden games by looking at the 2 parts as a whole.


I guess this whole argument is just a matter of preference really. Shooter vs Stealth gameplay which I love both probably just as much as one another so I'm still on the fence.

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