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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. It's Monday and my workload is preparing to wear me out for the rest of the week :scoots:

  3. A little anxious because I'm so not in the mood to go to work tomorrow. This is how I typically feel these days whenever the weekend draws to a close. And reality is waiting just outside the door with a baseball bat
  4. I don't understand what wrongs Kathleen Kennedy has done to the new Star Wars canon other than what super die hard fans are saying. Don't wanna argue about it alright but in my opinion it's what direction they have set for the franchise at the moment is (that's a whole other forum discussion on it's own ) About the TV series I'm optimistic because it's going to explore that time period after ROTJ. The 30+ year gap is ripe with new stories for whole new characters, locale and lore to explore. Especially with some of the people they had announced that are going to direct some of the episodes. (Dave Filoni, Taika Waititi, etc). A lone Mando doin' his or her thing on the edges of the galaxy, away from the reach of the New Republic is fascinating. Hopefully if the character development or circumstances progress at a good pace it'll be a good. And hopefully fill a void that Star Wars 1313 or that cancelled Visceral EA SW game left in our hungry fan hearts
  5. Me too if you appreciate it for what they were. The expanded lore does the prequel era a lotta justice especially what The Clone Wars cartoon brought to the small screen.
  6. Thanks @Nightmare Rechie! Yeah I'm getting a sense of that upon checking out my old stomping grounds on some the Megathreads. No matter people are still up and about and I miss the friendly attitudes/atmosphere I came to know this Forum for
  7. Windows 10 64 bit. Came with the Asus ROG I bought last Christmas. Pretty good experience with the live service updates Microsoft's decided to use as their business model.
  8. For anyone just passing through:Steam: yvrej27 GOG: yvrej27
  9. Currently about to begin the final mission for the 8th time in XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen + mods on Steam. Aww yeah my operatives are ready to assault!
  10. Vienna Sausages. Not the best but it did the job of filling my belly on a Sunday night before the work week begins
  11. Had more than my fill of dinner on a Sunday night
  12. For anyone just passing through: Twitter, Instagram and Steam: yvrej27
  13. Welcome @Diamond Shimmer! You'll find a lot of friendly folks here ready to help you enter the many conversations of pony fandom Happy browsing
  14. A happy birthday friend!

  15. Well almost. The title sums up what I was suppose to write at length so this will be short. The shortlist is during that time I graduated from College, applied and got employed. On the right track to become an HR Process Owner for IBM here in the Philippines in the next year or so. Took a turn and sought for companionship along the way. Haven't found that one person yet but a love life is a work-in-progress. Kinda lost my interest for Pony for a bit and mostly the brony crowd. But still interested in the fandom that I still came back to this forum after all these years so that must say something huh. Anyway if nobody even reads this it's alright. I'll still try to come back here from time to time and check out what you good people are talking about in every corner I walk myself into After all I'm still a big old loyal Rarity fan up in here