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Animal crossing (lol need a better title)



The one that I posted today was for yesterday so this one is what happened today.... Enjoy


Animal crossing chapter one: After buying my fishing rod I began catching alot of fish. I have sold two pocket fulls of fish to tom nook and now have enough money to pay off my mortgage. I am not sure if I wan't to pay it off just yet since I wanna get all of the tools and some clothes. I would like to get a slingshot first since I have seen like 5 balloons so I wanna get that first if it is in tom nooks store today. I wen't out of my house and got my second cup of coffee. I have gone to the able sisters to talk to sable so she can be more friendly.next it is off to tom nooks OH also I have bought a new purple number 4 shirt. Omg! I forgot that my tom nooks was closed for remodeling for today. Well since my tom nooks is closed I went to go see my newest resident. His name is Rasher and he is a red pig in a blue and yellow stripped shirt. I was walking the beach today and found my first coconut but I need a guide on how to grow them since this will be my first time. I don't know if they grow like regular trees that is why. I was walking my whole world for weed patrol and was stopped by Dora who wanted to talk. She gave me an exotic wall. I talked to Buck and bought a wall from him to keep him being happy. I am going to save after I finish up on my weed patrol since my store is closed and I can't sell anything. Tomorrow a morning cup of coffee then another animal crossing day.




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