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Animal crossing adventure



Asking for a title. (if you care..)


Animal crossing chapter one: First coming out of my house I notice I have a letter in my mailbox. I look at the letter and it is from Melba. It says " Right before I fall asleep, sometimes I think of you. I'll be waiting for your next visit!" I visited my friends town the other day that is why my peach tree is dieing due to rain an that is why I am getting letters from resident that are not from my town. I get my cup of coffee from Brewster. I talk to him before leaving and he says something different! I go by my town hall and notice that redd store is here on such a rainy day. I go over to my stores and there is anew resident sitting next to them, he is a gorilla named PeeWee. HE came from my friends town. I check my town for his house and notice that filbert has moved to my town to! I go into the able sisters store and talk to sable. She said something different to! I go into nook'n'go for the first time but there is nothing of interest for me to buy. I am on my way to Filbert's to introduce myself and I find my first fossil! I get stopped by Rasher to talk and he gives me the nickname Bucko! On weed patrol and I find Filbert's house. He calls himself the chocolate cake master. On weed patrol and I find my second fossil. I pull a couple of weeds and I am stopped by Buck while on my way to get the fossils identified. I buy a kiddie bookcase from him to keep him happy. I go into town hall and talk to Pelly and pay of my mortgage. I also deposit 7,500 bells into my account in case I need some money. I save the letter from Melba. I plan on sending one back so it is off to tom nooks again. I go into tom nooks and am explained to about the h.r.a and I take part in it. It sucks I can't write to Melba while in my town so I write ti my best friend Purrl instead. I write the letter and give her the kiddie bookcase as a present because I have no use for it right now. I go and get the fossils identified. The first one is Dino droppings. And the second one is a stego tail. I head off to the town gate after two happy donations. The lost item is a fresh shirt, then I talk to him. After that visit I am done for today. See you all tomorrow after a nice cup of coffee.



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