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  1. I'm pretty late, but, I hope you had a happy birthday! ^~^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2013/8/30/414399/medium.png

  2. i will never walk away from a situation like this, whether i know them or not, i will always help till the end of my life
  3. i did my good friend i forgot i left that part out
  4. i saw a girl getting bullied by other girls all because she was addicted to mlp. these girls laughed at her, calling her names, and so on. so i immediately went up to them and told them off "why do you three pick on her, is there a problem for someone addicted to mlp i think not. every one is different in their own ways, no matter what. to tell yall the truth im addicted to mlp as well, so if yall have a problem with it, then yall can deal with it." so they left. i took a look at the girl and ask her if she was alright, she was ok. later on we became friends. from today i feel proud of my self
  5. wow so far its sounds better than mine
  6. I am so excited for season 4 episode 25 and 26. I CAN HARDLY WAIT.

  7. I wonder why a lot of teachers are treating students cruel by failing us like that. I feel your pain, but in the end there will be a positive solution.
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