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I have a lot of problems with society... So here's another one...

Skye Starlight


So... I recently watched the Lego Movie... It was fun... I guess?


But I went online to listen to Everything is Awesome the major song in the movie, because I liked it, and, in the comments, someone noted that this is the villain song of the movie.


So, I wondered what about it made it evil...


People went on to say things that opened my eyes to something...


"This song basically tells the kids that they should aspire to be part of a team... It's so obviously the villain song!"


That wasn't sarcastic...


But what does MLP teach us? That friendship and teamwork are important, we need it!


And this is where I found (yet another) flaw in society.


We build our kids up, telling them that they're unique, that it's up to them to achieve their dreams, that they have to go at it ALONE. But they don't. In fact, they shouldn't! In order to achieve your dreams, you need the help of a lot of people! Parents, friends, business partners, employees, teachers... We need all of them...


My dad likes to say that we're all part of a big team, dedicated to ensuring the future of our team...


So, yeah...


Now, I'm gonna go talk to my best friend and talk about that joint YouTube channel that we were gonna set up and start uploading to...


Because there's no way I'd be able to become a YouTuber alone! And there's no way I'd want to!


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that was the point of the Everything is Awesome, its an intentionally catchy song, that doesnt encourage free thinking or individuality, because thats what president business wanted, all the citizens to just blindly go with the flow

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It is true that it is only through your effort that you will achieve your dreams, but no one said that you have to do it alone. :)
Through your efforts and the support of your friends/family, you can accomplish anything.


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Well it is one of the aspects of Lego city life that helped brainwash everybody.... It's not inherently evil, or villainous, but it does play a small part in our main protagonists evil plan.

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