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Pokemon? Oh,you mean my new life.

Countess Noodle



For those who give a damn, you might've noticed my absence from this site for a couple of days. I...have been gambling. Not just any kind of gambling,but pokemon gambling. Ever since I signed up on a thread for pokemon avatars called Join the horde I decided to go around the internet and reminisce about good ol poke times.



I went though pokemon childhood songs,pokemon commercials and then ended up on a Lord Helix song. Which then led me to TPP.


For those of you who don't know about Lord Helix and TPP I'll explain a bit. TPP or Twitch Plays Pokemon is where tens of thousands got together to play Pokemon Red. All at the same time. It was chaos and it was so beautiful. It would take an hour just to get to the next town. There's more I want to tell, but I want this to be short. Go here for more info.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twitch_Plays_Pok%C3%A9mon


I've gotten a bit off topic. The point is right now during an intermission of main pokemon games we(TPP) are playing Pokemon Stadium there are 2 teams where we bet on who is going to win and get to input controls. We use fake money called dongers and it's so addicting I can barely drag myself away to eat.



I've gambled before and it's never felt like this before. The rage when someone trolls a match, the rush of happiness when Lord Helix wins or Bird Jesus Ko's an opponent, the frustration when fighting in fog and the ABSOLUTE SADNESS when you bet all your dongers on one match and go back to being poor when SOME ASSWIPE DECIDES TO GO AFK AFTER HE HAS TOP BID!!! :eww:



The point is go check out the lore of Twitch Plays Pokemon. It's amazing.




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