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*Sigh* Every single day is the same.



I remember back when I was younger, around the ages of 9-18, when my life used to be interesting and I always had something different and fun to do day in and day out.


Now, it seems like my life has become one boring repetitive cycle of: go to work, come home, watch some shows or play some video games, and go to bed. I just can't seem to find anything remotely interesting to do anymore. My job(s) are boring and then I also have to deal with people being absolute jerks to me day in and day out.


I can't find the ambition to play video games anymore now that most of my friends either no longer play them or they have trouble connecting to me due to my terrible Internet connection.


The only shows I watch now are MLP:FiM, Hell's Kitchen, and Game of Thrones; and that's when I actually have the time to watch them.


I've lost ambition to go on my afternoon walks since the mosquitoes are terrible here and those walks were my favorite way to relieve the stress built up from work.


I also need to pay off the thousands of dollars in loan debt that I've accumulated as well, and that's always weighing on my mind.


I don't even know why I'm talking about this tbh...I think I'm just afraid of living a boring and uninteresting life with no friends nearby and being alone.


I guess I just, I dunno...want to be somebody. And right now I feel like a nobody :/

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I used to have those same feelings months ago, everything felt grey and same nothing interested me but after I started my medication on depression and found my inner child it is easier for me to enjoy small things in life. 


My life is now basically circling around MLP pretty strongly and I take every bit of joy that i can find out of it. I obsess over purple maned unicorn pony cutie and I enjoy it it is amazing to show  your affection on something even if it wasnt real *hug


I'm not sure if this helped you but if you ever want to talk feel free to message me =)=)=)=) *hugs =)!

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@FlinchCat Yeah probably.  I think right now my problem is that I have too many different jobs that I don't like.  I'm a cashier, a stocker, a landscaper, a greenhouse maintenance dude, and a wreath maker over the winter months.


I like all of them except cashier and stocker since those are the ones where people decide to be unpleasant.


@ooBrony Thank you so much :)  For some reason your posts always make me smile a little =)


@Mystery That's what I'm afraid of.  I think I just need to do some searching and hope to find something interesting to do over the rest of the summer (besides perusing the MLP forums).


Thanks for the replies everyone :)

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