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Entry #1: Accidental Hiatus

Totally Ducklett


Hey there! Its been a while, huh? As you may know, I've recently been off MLPF for a few months. I guess anypony who wants to know deserves an explanation as to why I've been gone. The thing is...I don't really know. See, a few months ago (like, late last fall/early last winter) I used to be so into this forum that I would sneak on in science class and reply to my RPs. And then suddenly, it all just stopped. I became the type of member who would log in every month to briefly glance over their 500 notificatins. It was really weird.
I have some vague theories as to why I just suddenly left, and the most logical answer is because I don't watch MLP much anymore. The reason for this however is SUPER weird. See, when I watch MLP, I get this strang feeling. The best I can describe it is a mixture of happiness and sadness. I REALLY don't know why I feel this. Maybe its because of how perfect Equestria can be, while Earth is a pretty shitty place and Equestria most likely doesn't exist, and if it does, we'll never find it? Man, that sounded weird. Point is, MLP makes me feel strange (in a good and bad way), but maybe I'll tie myself down and watch season 5 soon.
As for my real life problems, I doubt those are really the reason for my accidental hiatus from MLPF. I have too much time on my hands, as anyone who's my friend on steam probably knows. I play too much TF2. I don't have a job yet, I'm not even in school right now, sooo...yeah. Honestly, it could be me getting lazy or bored, but this is a pretty exciting place, so it may not be the latter. I can be pretty lazy, and it sucks. Also, I assure you I didn't leave because I had a bad experience or anything. It's not you, its me!
Now, for the question you've all been waiting for: Am I coming back? And, once again, I don't know. I'm going to high school in a month, so I WILL be busy then. I think it really depends if something on MLPF catches my attention, like an RP, and whether or not I let my laziness control me or not. We'll see, my Ducklings!


Anyways, thanks for reading this! If you're my friend, I'm sorry for disappearing, and if you're not...send me a friend request. Also, blame my iPod for any typos, since I wrote this on that.


Keep on quacking, Ducks! <3


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