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The Dazzlings' reach extends into our world



Lately I have watched some music videos from MLP Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks and realized how skillfully and beautifully the makers depicted a theme with it. The villains are three sirens, putting people under their spell using music in order to take their magic, or more generally, benefit personally.
People keep saying that the sirens got the best musical parts in the movie. Crucial word here: "best". It is a mind judgment. Their music has a different vibe than the music of the mane 6, which moves, too, but in a very different way. It is a less intellectually stimulating way. But the way that speaks to the heart.
The makers of the movie managed to have the sirens extend their influence beyond the movie universe and affect viewers in a very similar way. That is amazing work. People find themselves unable to stop listening to it, and I have to include myself in that to a degree. Which is no surprise, since my mind is still very active and easy to capture in that way. But I also realize that salvation lies in focusing on the mane 6 instead, so I don't consider myself in real danger when dabbling in siren music, haha.


I might not have vast personal experience with various musicians, but the experience I have is interesting to examine, because there tend to be electronic musicians who find the right sound effects and such to excite the masses, and they might be the ones who stand on a stage and 'lead' the crowd with various techniques. The typical dance club DJ maybe. Then you have musicians who get you less excited, but more heart-open, maybe also warm and fuzzy, calm, serene. Those will cause less of a unified ritualistic environment.
The more you practice something, the better you get at it, and the more you observe with an open mind that doesn't obsess over absolutes and total certainty, you can discover some intriguing bits and see how much is going on behind the curtains, beyond the realm of shapes and things.


The Dazzlings could be seen as (among related things) a metaphor for the shallow pop music business with all its artificialty and trickery and ulterior motives and its effects on people.


So to come back to the title message: The Dazzlings' reach extends into our world, but so does the magic of friendship of the mane 6. Especially Pinkie Pie isn't inhibiting herself in that regards, but more recently Twilight has learned to think with portals and has joined the club of interdimensional relations, so to speak.


If you are still skeptical, maybe you need to have a fresh experience of the underlying theme. Watch these three videos in succession and try not to repeat-play... hahahaha!
Pay close attention to the lyrics.
And don't hold me accountable for any results. ^^





P.S.: Unless you'd like to warch/rewatch the whole movie anyway, check out the two sides of this based on the lyrics. Examine what the protagonists say in response to the sirens:


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