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The spoiler wave continues :-/



A review of the episode concerned will follow this entry. Life isn't all pleasantry, and grievances need to be talked about, only then can pleasant experiences be put on a solid foundation.


Lately I have been on an unfollow extravaganza on Twitter and deviantART, because the wave of spoilers is hard to counter, and I'm getting increasingly pissed at how people throw them around left and right.
Once I'm done building a relaxing internet silence, the season will probably be over.


The most recent incident was especially vexing because of the feeling of righteousness of the perpetrator.


(Although since I have waited until I found the right mood to watch the episode myself, by now sufficient time has passed not to tag anymore. Still, when feasible, it is decent to in general give the opportunity to see what's coming and decide whether it is a spoiler or not.)



This is the tweet chain in question:


Daniel Ingram at least waited three days before posting it, and it's related to what he does, so it being part of his Twitter activity is understandable. But there was still no need to post it that early. There was nothing to be missed if he had waited a bit longer. It's not like remix musicians are all done after three days and then people keep total silence about it and move on. Don't treat music like produce that spoils if you don't eat it soon.


The real issue though is when a Twitter account that is supposed to be about a convention retweets that spoiler and then when pointed out doesn't even show any empathy, but gives justification-bullshit.
1) Their stated 24-hour rule (although not put to its extreme in this specific case, but that's beside the point) is a mere half of what Reddit put in place. And Reddit is not focused on convention-related content.
2) They conveniently disregard that this is not about music in an episode, but the fact that it is a musical, like Magical Mystery Cure. That could have been a nice surprise. Even just a regular song is still a nice surprise, so BUCK is trying to justify a bigger spoiler by claiming it is a smaller one, and that a smaller one is none at all because it's common. That's like claiming that saying the next episode features Twilight Sparkle doing a physical transformation is no spoiler because she did that several times already.

It's no secret that the MLP fandom shares many negative traits with many other fandoms, and this is just more unempathic, uncaring ego-focus, and it might be pissing me off less if this wasn't just one of so many examples where people don't really think about fellow fans, but let their actions be ruled by personal convenience. I encountered this stuff ever since I was active in the fandom, with the first plenty cases on Cheezburger.


This is a widespread phenomenon that is even propagated by the networks. To me it is appalling that these days they continue to assault us with summaries of following episodes right after the current one aired; sometimes not even with so much as a black screen in-between. In that case, there is also a fear involved that people might not watch their programming if they didn't show what's coming, which sends a message of lack of confidence in their product, which is in almost all cases baseless.
(I refuse to call it an improvement, but I remember times when the networks would even give you a summary of the FOLLOWING episode RIGHT BEFORE IT AIRED.)


There are people so messed up and self-unaware that they bemourn the loss of past childlike wonder and amazement and wish they could get that feeling back, yet at the same time are the ones contributing to ruining every chance for that happening. And when I give them the benefit of the doubt and explain it to them, they actively refuse to understand and cling to the problem-creation. This is not too uncommon to me either. The bemourning (or in a different form the dramatic "Why?!") is a technique for rejecting personal responsibility, for externalizing/projecting the problem to a feigned-unknown cause.


Bringing good into the world requires effort, i.e. inconvenience. That effort is worth it because it creates win-win situations, while the at the root fear-based course of self-serving action harms everybody on some level. And effort here must not be confused with action. The whole point is that the fear-motivated mind tries to actively control. In that state, it requires effort in the form of having courage to not try to control things, prepare for the future, know everything in advance.


I will continue to remind people of that, because apparently it needs repeating.


P.S.: Little warning: Don't visit mlp.wikia.com if you hate spoilers. They're frickin' doing it too! Synopsis of upcoming episodes, right on their front page.


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