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C4 Winnipeg 2015 - It was a fun year!



Veronica Taylor talked to me in her Ash Ketchum voice!
It made my day!


I bought:


Sega CD Games
Green tea KitKat
Mother 3 Fan Translation repro cart GBA
Magic Pengel PS2
Knight Rider NES
Framed Aladdin wall poster
CC Lemon (It tastes like regular lemonade, if you must know)


I got autographed:
Lucario and Mystery of Mew DVD by Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum)
Smash Wii U by Sean Schemmel (Lucario)
Power Rangers Season 1 Vol 1 DVD by David Yost (Blue Power Ranger) and Walter Jones (Black Power Ranger)
Phantom Menace DVD by Andy Secombe (Watto)
Return of the Jedi DVD by Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar)
CastleVania SotN PS1 by Rika Muranaka ("I Am The Wind" composer)


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