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Some very short Animations

Reason for Cancellation



Here is a Video of 2 cancelled Animation Projects and some crappy random Bits, that are only partly animated from some deleted Troll Video.




And here is the Pinkamena Flash in a better Quality :




Thats it.


Im now gonna continue, to fall into obscurity again for the next months.


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Good Job on that, nobody even cared, while you posted this XD You ARE Obscurity.


Also your Animations look kinda weird. It seems like you just used some very old Papers, from school or something, turned it around and scribbled some Applejacks on it.


You rush things way to much.

You will never get anywhere in live, if you dont learn, to do things seriously and actually put some effort into things.


So far, you almost always tell us, your working on a new BIG Project and we all should care and get prepared.

And then you do nothing.

As always. You give up, way to quickly and you constantly lie about things.

How are we supposed to care?

We already now, you just get lazy again and do nothing.


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