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Some Quick Life Advice ^^;;;



  • Constantly smile,everyday:Start your day with a positive attitude, even if the day before was bad. Even if its a forced smile, simply smiling causes the brain to send endorphins into the mind, which is responsible for joy. Again, remember to do this everyday.
  • If you draw: I do too, I've been doing this for a year now. Just remember to draw for yourself, not for the attention of others. If not, same principle applies to whatever you enjoy doing. You don't want to get stressed over seeking the attention of strangers.
  • All you need is one friend in life:It can even be someone related. I blame social media for the idea that more friends are better, and I'm talking about 1000s, which is silly. If you feel you don't have a friend right now, always keep looking and be confident in yourself. People are naturally drawn to confidence. Also, remember people aren't perfect, so be ready to forgive and not keep track of who did wrong.
  • Got bullies:I had them too. They left me alone after a while when I paid them no attention. Its hard, thats for sure, but if you don't show any emotion to their pickings, they get bored or moved on. Bullies feed on emotions and harming others who appear weak.
  • Life is bad,and life is great!:It goes up and down. There will always....always be more good days. As I said before, start everyday being confident, because that will make more good days happen.
  • And finally,save this advice:and more from others as little reminders to help keep your spirits up. Read it everyday if you must, we always need constant reminders.

​Hope it helps you people in some ways ^^;;; (I'm not good at coming out advices ._.)

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When you feel alone remember you aren't not only do your friends stand with you but also your family and the brony community.

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