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About The Nightmare Forces




Ever since I first read the comic about how Rarity turned into a full power nightmare version of her,it kinda reminds me that there are something in Equestria that could resist the power of rainbow.Since I saw Nightmare Rarity smashed that rainbow power from her former friends,when they are trying to free Rarity from her nightmares.It got me thinking that what if the nightmare forces are the opposite of elements of harmony?I think so,cause that they could give anypony their immense power,fear and hatred,showing them that is better than having love and friendship. Don't you guys think so too?


Nightmare Star




Nightmare Moon


Nightmare Mane 6




Nightmare Cadence




Nightmare Shimmers



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I definitely think that you may be on to something! Many fans have speculated that there might be an opposite to the elements of harmony, like a set of elements of disharmony, but this works even better. You'll notice that the nightmare forces only ever possess one pony at a time, which runs counter to the elements of harmony which require multiple users to harness their full power.

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