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So, I'm going to be more detailed on what exactly happens in my book. So yeah, Teresa finds a mirror in her basement. It's a few weeks before she touches it and is pulled through, probably because of a storm driving her to the basement. Now for the alternate world. It is a world where everyone is always happy. No one can feel any other emotion. Obviously it sounds great, but it's the exact same as our world. If everyone was happy in our world, it'd be weird, creepy, and bad. Teresa learns this quickly, and is chased by people at one point. She is saved by a team of five people that came through the mirror. They are: Alexis Winn, Age 16; Felix Lennox, Age 13; Jayden Alkaev, Age 15; Jade Alkaev, Age 15; Nicholas Clark, Age 17. She adjusts to their life of fun and adventure. They rob banks because they are all very skilled in some way, and don't exist in that world. They have fun most days and nights, but things do get serious and sometimes things go south. And in the end, something terrible happens. I am planning on there being a sequel. In the next entry I'll go in depth on the characters.


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