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So, last time I just went over the characters quickly, just saying their name and age. This time I'm putting in my notes on each character.


Teresa Loch, Age 14, Has Complete Heterochromia Iridum; Blue left eye, Green right eye; Long, milk chocolate brown hair (normally ponytailed), 5 foot 5, Slightly skinny, Athletic, Ambiverted, American, Single


Alexis Winn, Age 16, Hazel eyes, Longish, reddish brown hair, 5 foot 6, Average Weight, Extroverted, Cocky, American, Has a girlfriend


Felix Lennox, Age 13, Goldish Amber eyes, Longish, dirty blond hair (until dyed), 5 foot 7.5, Thin, Social Introvert, Plays the Theremin, Does lots of accents, Half American, Half Scottish, Single


Jayden Alkaev, (Twin of Jade), Age 15, Dark green eyes, Average length, black, slightly brown hair, 5 foot 8, Slightly thin, Ambiverted, Mysterious, Russian, Single


Jade Alkaev, (Twin of Jayden), Age 15, Apple green eyes, Average length, black, slightly brown hair, 5 foot 7, Slightly thin, Ambiverted, Mysterious, Russian, Single
Nicholas Clark, Age 17, Light brown eyes, Short dark brown hair, 5 foot 10, Average weight, Leadery, Half American, Half African American, Has a girlfriend


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