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My Craziest Notes



These are the notes that I have on my iPod that I've been taking since the start of this whole process. They are all of whatever I've come up with (that isn't actual writing). As you can probably tell, these are all very convoluted and some are much older (such as the fact that Alex is called Unnamed Female). So, that's that. Enjoy.


Also, the ; things are the dividers.


Ideas: Boat chase scene with Teresa being knocked out; 1133 appearing somewhere; Order 66 appearing somewhere; Felix making an 88 miles per hour reference; Felix also making a Civ 5 reference; Felix dying but turning out to be alive in the sequel; Felix's "last words" are a reference to The Outsiders; Felix has a slingshot; Felix has slingshot ammo that explodes; There is a movie night where they have a box of terrible movie ripoffs, including: Cretaceous Park, Mission Improbable, Stair Wars: The Elevator Strikes Back, Ternimator To: Jugment Daay, Carpnado, Finding Emo; Teresa has a great repeating dream featuring mist and the mirror; Felix makes a G. I. Joe reference after asking what the mirror looks like; Felix gets embarrassed after explaining how to see "World Glitches" and leaves, leaving (Unnamed Female) to explain that he got really upset and almost cried after a fictional character died in his book; Something does something to vaguely annoy Felix and he says "YOU FOOLS DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE." in a sarcastic, dramatic voice; Felix says, "In this world, IT'S SMILE OR BE SMILED!" and then Teresa and (Unnamed Female) stare at him blankly; (Unnamed Female) reveals she has a girlfriend in the real world when Teresa asks if she likes (Unnamed Male). Teresa says, "Oh. You don't seem very, well, gay." (Unnamed Female) says, "What, do you expect me to look like this?" and shows her a picture of person wearing a rainbow t-shirt, face paint, and flag. Teresa goes slightly red and says, "Well, uh, no but-" (Unnamed Female) cuts her off and says, "It's fine, I'm not stupid and sensitive. Here's a picture of my girlfriend." She shows Teresa a picture of a pretty Black girl; When Teresa tries to go into Felix's room, she knocks and he says, "No one sees the wizard!"; Felix has an all graphite pencil; Everyone is playing Mario Kart at one point; Felix is told he looks like a girl. He responds by saying, "Well, I'm a pretty one, right?"; Alex wants something with Felix, but Felix says, "Can't right now, sorry, in the middle of a heated internet debate on time travel." Alex says, "Of course you are. Well, I guess we could find Jadeyn. Let's go, Teresa."; Alex asks, "Did he get delivery?" Jade says no. Felix says, "What about Digiorno?"; "If I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die with a Sonic slushy in my hand!"; Spoons but with knives; Unicorn jacket for Felix; Still a better love story than Twilight joke; Dr. Scientist; Suddenly there came a shout of, “I came in like a wrecking ball!” and a large object swung past them. Upon further inspection, it turned out to be Felix;


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