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Better Idea for Side Series



So back in May I made an entry about the second book I have thought of writing. Well, that has just kind of sat in my brain for a bit, until recently. A few days ago I checked out the anime Monster Musume and found it was pretty good. It's funny and entertaining. It's also an ecchi anime. I also started reading the manga, which is basically the same as the anime. To sum it up, basically it's the same as real life except there are species of half human creatures (like centaurs and lamias) exist and are attempting to integrate into human culture. The story follows of the protagonist who's name I can't spell who was accidentally made into a host for a lamia. Hilarious antics ensue where more half human girls end up living with him and they all attempt to seduce him. There's a bit more to it than that, but that's the best short summary I've got.


Anyway, on to my original point. I think I should have the kids all transform into these half human creatures. I think this would work better, since they could more easily blend into normal humans society.


I thought of a name for the book: Unhuman. You know, like Unmirrored? I think it could do with some work though. What do you guys think? (Please answer, it takes five seconds.)


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