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Time to say Goodbye



My dear bronies, this is it, i decided to leave the forums forever, due certain events i'm no use here, i won't make a circus about this, nor i looks any attention. My reasons is that my shop is closed, i been acused of plagiarism, something i depise so much. I'm a person that dedicates his efforts to make content 100% original but this time the fact is, that my shop is been closed and personally i felt offended beyond forgiveness. 

I leave with a smile though, i knew my special somepony here, i made awesome friends who are amazing persons and i have the very best of the site here with me. There was a time that i consider this page much better than facebook because my final impression is, that his awesome fandom is a ever happy place where all help each other and care about others. I have no hard feelings aganist nobody despite certain persons who i called friends desapointed me horribly. I have nothing to say about them. Equestria.. if only becames a metaphorical country it would be prosper and powerful because we are all the same, following the same passion. 

I made a promise that i would never feel depressed again, but this is a challenge i must confront with all my strenght. To all moderators, Administrators and the creator of this website, you got yourself a 10/10 with this place, i have a good impression, but now, is time to say goodbye. I really wish this site grows stronger and stronger. I really enjoyed to be part of your family and help you with my contributions of my art. There will be much awesomer artist than me, and most of the artists of the comission area are amazing artists and i do encourage to visit their shops and adquire a fantastic piece of them, they deserve it.


Perhaps people think that i'm taking this very personal or i'm taking a very extreme decition, but is a decition nonetheless. my decition to part ways and start somewhere else. I'm listening right now Smile by Pinkie, which is a very important song, always smile, and be happy so i leave happy and smiling, i wish my eyes could share same feeling and if may i say it yes, i'm crying now because part of me doesn't want to leave you guys but i have to do it, i wouldn't have same sensation to be here like i used to, because things are not the way they suposed to be. I enjoyed the AMA section with my OC chatterbox making interviews and giving ponies a smile from time to time, to all those who this little mare interviewed, thank you so much guys, i really appreciate the moments we share because i wanted you to feel your OC alive as much as me.


As for the final word i just want to say Thank you, all of you, to share some of your magic with me and i do hope i did the same thing with you, if you feel depressed for any reason in your life, fight, found your cutie mark, the reason of your existance, a mission, start over if you think your life is a mess, you are an amazing person, unique and different, raise your hoof when you feel in the mud, and be who you are... i really don't want to go, but is time to say goodbye  

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Goodbye from the forums, I never really got to know you, but I hope that you don't leave the fandom as well. But anyways, farewell and get better soon 

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Oh dear Bal, I'm so sorry you couldn't get your shop back. I'll miss you and your gifs and we never got around to doing that collab together that you proposed ;u; also you were one of the very few people that wished me a happy birthday, it really meant a lot to me. Whatever you do, I wish you luck, fren. 

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While we never really interacted too much, it really feels a shame to see you go... you've always come across as an incredibly friendly person, and your activity in and devotion to the Ask a Pony section was always lovely to see (pretty sure you were one of the main reasons why I frequented it so much in the past; truly it's a section that deserves lots more attention). Even in your final blog you try share as much positivity as you can and depart with a smile, not everyone is so amiable ^_^ Best of luck wherever you head now, I hope you never forget or undermine the difference you have made for many of us :)

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