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Wanting to clarify something



Anyone that knows me knows that I have issues, for sure, Mental issues. Sometimes I get really depressed, other times I get super stressed out, and sometimes I get super pissed off. Being someone that is autistic and has a crippling anxiety disorder, this stuff isn't too much of a surprise. Regardless, I know that I do come off as abrasive sometimes, or perhaps even more than that and if I have ever come off as an asshole to anyone here, I apologize, deeply. I mean no ill will towards anyone, I just have my moments and stupid stuff results from those moments.

I hate the feeling that many people might not like me for what I have said in the past, it makes me extremely worried because I want to be a positive influence, a good person. Still, I know I fail at doing that half the time. I guess my own paranoia is what is making me write this clarification. Reassurance is something that helps and I am wanting to reassure myself by trying to clear the negative air that I know I sometimes make.

So in closing, I shall now hug you all with a big pizza. Oh yeah. *hugs with big pizza*

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I have an obsession with my self image. I want to be a perfect friend, someone who has the mental and emotional fortitude to stand up for myself and my friends, the integrity to chastise any questionable behavior, the patience and empathyĀ to offer emotionalĀ support where it's needed, and an approachable nonchalant attitude. I'm not talking about aĀ change of character here, I like who I am and I do believe I am (for the most part) what I just described, but lately I've been trying to better myself and my own self-image because I know I've been a really toxic person in the past and I know I've been around some negative influences. I've fucked up a lot though, trying to become a better person. Twice I've almost lost a best friend to my stupid behavior, my entire circle of friends are sick of me castigating this one stubborn fucker in particular whom I have a mutual hatred for, and I'm still stuck in some of my old opinions of which I can't be convinced are wrong, even by myself. I can relate to a lot of this and I hope things end up working out for you in the end. As for everything negative you've said to and about me in the past, I forgive you.

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Well, I love you for who you are. Who ever is in a relationship with you is a lucky person. ;)

(That would be me. I am lucky to have you in my life) *hugs and kisses* ^____^

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