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New member of the family <3




Hello you guys! :D 

isnt it funny how everytime I write a blog it always has to do with new pets? ...ha..ha nah it aint really that funny :confused: soooo back to what I actually wanna talk about!

This is Nala: (say hello to Nala!) 



Not even two months ago, a student at my college was giving away a few kittens and this little ball of fur was the last one in the box! I couldnt say no, I mean look at those eyes:wub: she's adorbs and is growing up so fast >.< 

IMG_9371.thumb.JPG.e298af7f1c03f85ac835bcd1ba551659.JPG   IMG_9387.thumb.JPG.7453ea74c17de16208fdcf9c9299c309.JPG    IMG_9709.thumb.JPG.bd81067b4a80ac6240b44e24ebf66ab3.JPG   IMG_9750.thumb.JPG.f6ca38c5a9f60564ebfea49047d1d16d.JPG

 I'll be updating now and then just to show how much she grows up :D hope you guys liked her :squee:

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