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Episode 12 - Dabbing




Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?   Dabbing.  Like, why the f*ck is that a thing?  I didn't even know what it was for a long time.  I kept seeing it popping up on youtube, I kept seeing the word plastered all over comments, people seemed obsessed with it, so I finally googled it to find out what it is.  Okay, so it's a dance move.  Fine.  But why has it exploded into a cultural sensation and internet meme?!  Apologies if you like it, but it just seems so pointless to me!  Like, it's fine to use it as a dance move.  Nothing wrong with that.  But people seem FREAKING OBSESSED with it for no reason!  Like, it's just an arbitrary arm position, and people just flip out and burst at the seams every time anyone does it.  It doesn't even mean anything!  Like, the wiki page says it signifies triumph or playfulness.  Alright.  Fine.  Whatever.  But it's the not greatest thing ever conceived by humankind or something!  At best it should be regarded like a thumbs up or something.  I just watched an Equestria Girls short in which Rainbow dabbed, and about 80% of the comments were, "OMG RAINBOW DAB I CAN DIE HAPPY!!!!!"

WHY??!  WHY DO YOU CARE??!!  WHAT IS THE POINT???!!  Why don't we, just, like, flip our sh*t every time someone scratches their nose?!  OMG!!!  RAINBOW SCRATCHED HER NOSE!!!!   AAAAAHHH!!!!  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!  MY HEAD A SPLODE!!!!  MY LIFE IS COMPLETE!!!!

I dunno.  I'm sorry.  I don't know why this annoys me so much.  It just seems like the most pointless and arbitrary thing to make into a meme.  I love memes....when they're funny....and actually mean something.  Like, for instance, I love how steamed hams has become a meme.  Y'know, the Skinner and Chalmers scene on The Simpsons.  That was a classic scene from my childhood, before the internet was even a thing, and it tickles me to death that a new generation has made that scene explode in popularity on the internet.  It's hilarious, but that's because it's a brilliant scene.  But wigging out every time someone moves their arms and puts their head down?  WHY??!!!


And that, ponies, is what really grinds my gears.

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