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S8E17 The End in Friend - brief picture commentary



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If only the script would allow the main characters development so that they are not repeatedly being a bad example, hah. Oh well... teachers, right? ;-D

Seriously though, it is so cynical, it is painful to watch. If they need worldsaving or Pinkie to stay friends, what message is that sending? Their friendship is the best, except when it's not?

This is necessary to continue delivering stories, I guess, but in a way there might be more potential with some imagination.

I will consider the possibility though that the fact they were being observed as examples might have influenced them in an adverse way.


I love how Dashie is talking about heels on a horse and Rarity is doing a horse snort. :laugh:Image2.thumb.jpg.848bbc3b75a0a5965a4bb849d7751281.jpg


I definitely sensed this episode is another standard formula, not playful, so you got
1) break friendship
2) clumsily failing trying to mend it and
3) a crisis to mend it. Chances for a fake crisis were high since it was an extension of Starlight Glimmer's efforts that eventually need to succeed or she would appear to be a bad guidance counselor.


When Rarity asked "Which way did that sparkly thing go?", I was expecting Bufogren there to point into his mouth. ^_^ That would have been fun and playful. Instead he just points to the sky where the trail continues, as if they couldn't have seen that by themselves easily. They didn't even react to the fact they missed the totally obvious. These lazy moments really make me cringe a bit.

Uhm... obvious question: How do you unlock a door by turning a straight bolt in the lock?!

I imagined Dashie getting some magenta glitter on her coat. :laugh: (I definitely need a Pinkie episode!)

I am missing the crucial part in the conclusion about how Twi and Star's "little help" has been an act of good friendship, too. And it was also maybe not so much a "reminder" as a "refresher". They just needed their dangerous quest. Very reactive.

This was an extended version of a two-person relationship where each can be strong when the other is weak. Here Twi and Star were the strong part for Rashie and Darity. :squee:




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