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Season 8 Episode 7 Review




Preliminary Topic

Before I begin my review, I must bring up an essential topic. If you already know why Celestia is a problematic character and what those problems are, then there is no need to read this section. Feel free to skip down to the review at any time.


The major problem with Celestia is that she isn’t depicted as being powerful by the show; as a matter of fact, she is shown as weak and helpless because she gets defeated by every villain she encounters. The only time she succeeds is when she uses another power and not her own, such as the elements of harmony. Another problem with Celestia is that her role in raising the sun has diminished in uniqueness over time. Twilight raised the sun in the season 4 premiere, evil Discord in season 2 could control the sun, and the Storm King easily played with the sun in the MLP Movie; moreover, the Hearth’s Warming story stated in season 2 that unicorns could “bring forth day and night”, implying that raising the sun was something any unicorn did daily. A third problem with Celestia is that her role as a princess fails to have uniqueness as well. What makes her position so special? What can she do that no one else can? Clearly Equestria can function properly without her, and the sun can be raised by someone else, so what is it that makes her special? That’s the problem, there is nothing. Luna oversees the dream realm, Twilight oversees friendships, and Cadence can spread love and light and protect the Crystal Empire. What does Celestia do? Raise the sun that many other could raise and do princess tasks that any other leader could do.  As one can easily see, Celestia is a problematic character; thus, I will be sure to point out if and where this episode succeeds in fixing these problems.

Season 8 Episode 7 “Horse Play” Review by EpicEnergy

To begin with, I have much to say about the characters, starting with Celestia. There are three things about her that I want to address. Firstly, the writers fixed the area where Celestia’s ability to raise the sun was diminished due to the Hearth’s Warming story that said unicorns could “bring forth day and night”. Now we understand that bringing forth day and night was not as simplistic as the Hearth’s Warming story depicted it to be, because it required multiple unicorns and Starswirl himself to raise the sun, which permanently depletes the other unicorns of their magic in the process. The strength required to raise the sun is now evident, and it makes Celestia more important and unique. I must commend the writers for providing this significant and needed fix. Secondly, this episode reveals and expounds on more of Celestia’s characteristics, making her even more enjoyable and relatable. Thirdly, this episode creates a negative characteristic in Celestia. Throughout this episode, Celestia interprets things too literally. It starts to get very annoying, but at least Celestia makes up for it in the end. Proceeding, I now will address Twilight’s behavior. Twilight acts out-of-character and bluntly lies to Celestia throughout the episode, which is illogical because she should have listened to Applejack in the first place and she should have known that telling the truth to Celestia would be morally correct and not contradictory to everything Twilight learned. Twilight’s actions are unreasonable, so I must deduct a few points off the episode rating.  Lastly, I will briefly refer to the Method Mares. Their involvement in this episode provides even more theatre-related content, adding to this episode’s theatrical theme. The last subject I want to refer to is the moral. It is very basic, and completely unnecessary. It’s also a repeated moral, we obviously heard it before in previous episodes. The focus of the episode was on Celestia and not the moral; consequently, the moral didn’t receive the same treatment, and it is not satisfactory. Everyone already knows not to lie and to tell the truth.

Episode Rating: 5/10

In conclusion, this episode focused on making Celestia a better character, and it succeeded despite not fixing every single one of her problems. However, the episode also made Twilight be unreasonable and gave us a basic moral that was already given in previous episodes. I would say that this episode had a balance of positive and negative features, giving it a “mediocre” rating.

Rating Scale:


Rating Scale:

0 = the worst of the worst, an absolute failure

1 = an extremely horrible disaster

2 = very dreadful

3 = terrible

4 = bad

5 = mediocre

6 = good

7 = great

8 = very fantastic

9 = extremely amazing

10 = an absolute perfection




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