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4 Years Since Last Log-In



Well almost. The title sums up what I was suppose to write at length so this will be short.

The shortlist is during that time I graduated from College, applied and got employed. On the right track to become an HR Process Owner for IBM here in the Philippines in the next year or so. Took a turn and sought for companionship along the way. Haven't found that one person yet but a love life is a work-in-progress. Kinda lost my interest for Pony for a bit and mostly the brony crowd. But still interested in the fandom that I still came back to this forum after all these years so that must say something huh.

Anyway if nobody even reads this it's alright. I'll still try to come back here from time to time and check out what you good people are talking about in every corner I walk myself into :-D

After all I'm still a big old loyal Rarity fan up in here :mlp_laugh:

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Congratulations on your endeavors so far. :darling: Though I have not been in any committed relationship myself, try not to rush it; even if it were possible to make the process more hasty, the result could be much worse. Either way, welcome back to MLPF! Rarity fans are always welcome aboard. :-D Though the Forums have overall slowed down quite a bit since the previous time you logged in, there is still quite a bit to enjoy.

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Thanks @Nightmare Rechie!
Yeah I'm getting a sense of that upon checking out my old stomping grounds on some the Megathreads. No matter people are still up and about and I miss the friendly attitudes/atmosphere I came to know this Forum for :-D

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Well, it's a privilege to have you back @Steamgamer27!

It's always great to have more Rarity fans on the forums, and as someone who is attending college themselves currently, I thoroughly commend you for your accomplishments in recent years. I hope that you once again feel at home in the forums, and I sincerely hope that you find a romantic partner in the near future!

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