Dusky's 2.01 Paladins Tier List

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Here's the list, I guess.


SS: Furia, Makoa

S+: Ash, Inara, Seris, Dredge

S_: Mal'Damba, Cassie, Grover, Drogoz, Barik, Jenos, Imani

S-: Terminus, Maeve, Khan, Evie, Lian, Androxus, Bomb King
A+: Talus, Grohk, Fernando, Skye, Zhin, Ying, Ruckus, Viktor

A_: Sha'Lin, Pip, Koga, Willo, Torvald, Strix, Buck, Kinessa

A-: Tyra, Lex, Vivian, Moji

(B): None
Order of Supports changed, because of Ying's lack of viable build paths (she can only run Life Exchange, no other build offers any real benefits over it), but also Jenos has started to prove a degree of the strength I initially predicted him having in this new meta. Jenos gained a LOT of healing this patch. Sure, 5% Max HP healing doesn't sound like a lot, but it actually IS when you can spam that heal once every 5 seconds or so. Also, I think Jenos is going to get his time in the spotlight soon. Also, the dive counter-meta is going to happen, I think. People are going to realize what you can ACTUALLY do to a Sustain comp with comp with double flank and a Luminary Jenos. If that does happen, then treat Jenos like he's where Grover is right now. Pip went down because, well, he doesn't have anything. He doesn't have enough healing to compete with other supports, he doesn't have enough damage to compete with Grohk OR 'Damba, and although his ult is one of the best in the entire game, Seris' is still better at the exact same thing and she can be played with literally EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. HER. TALENTS. Also, Beam heal Furia is just INSANE, and they needed to fix that PATCHES ago. Now that she's actually gotten her wish in terms of the meta-game, she's honestly the strongest champion in the game I think. And I'll mention 'Damba's slow rise. I thought Mal'Damba would end up in Ying's position, actually due to the removal of Pungent Gourd. Instead, he's become an excellent flex support. He can easily use a healing loadout with Spirit's Chosen to great success and he can also be ran with Wekono's Wrath for surprisingly high damage output and also quite consistent CC with good aim. 
As for some other quick mentions on why they are where they are:
  • Makoa- He's still Makoa... Tiering him anywhere lower than S+ is nonsense. He synergizes perfectly with this meta as he did with the last, and he's still got the potential to dominate games. 
  • Ash- Two reasons. First off, I think the Assert Dominance change was an OBVIOUS buff because it allows her team to POUND on the people she hits with it. Secondly, I see her being a cornerstone of the future dive counter-meta that I envision. She'll be the preferred tank for it due to her potential to poke out targets, and also to dive in and burst. 
  • Seris- She is low key OP. No, seriously, she is. All of her talents are viable now, her ultimate is quite literally PERFECT for this meta, and she's probably one of the best healers to pick early in a draft due to her flexibility, but also due to the fact that countering her isn't as simple as it is with other supports due to Shadow Travel making her invulnerable. 
  • Terminus- He was initially bottom tier due to his inability to tank, but now that they've fixed that, the only reason he isn't up there with Makoa right now is his chronic case of bugs. He is a GREAT second tank to run in this meta that can easily guarantee the value of his supports while also dealing solid damage and hardly ever dying. 
  •  Maeve- I see HUGE potential for this champion. She has a LOT going for her right now, that leads me to believe that soon enough she'll become the best flank in the game, and maybe even one of the best CHAMPIONS possibly. She has sustain, tank shred, and a cooldown reset for that tank shred. Those are quite the ingredients for a potentially powerful DPS.
  • Androxus- Z1 is a snowflake who's mad that Evil Mojo nerfed his old main, I'll leave it at that. He's perfectly fine right now, and he may once again be S+ or so fairly soon. 
  • Koga- Play Talus instead. He is an inferior Talus with little to offer, aside from potential burst with his Claws. Even then, Talus can do better. He's viable, but Talus is much better. 
  • Torvald- Don't play Torvald, unless you're in a lower skill queue. Most players with half a brain will just get Wrecker and completely counter you.
  • Snipers- All I can say is that you shouldn't play them unless you're on a good map. Even Sha'Lin is fairly map-dependent, but he's not as bad as the other two.
  • Tyra- Pretty much unviable. Her Lifesteal is actually quite underwhelming, and gets lackluster after the enemy team gets enough Cauterize. 
  • Vivian- Unviable. Period. There is quite literally NO reason to pick Vivian, and people who say otherwise are quite forgetful of the fact that they removed her free Wrecker 2.


Wow that wasn't really that quick, was it? -__-
  • Brohoof 1
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