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fanfiction Voices wanted for fanfic readings!



Do you have a voice you can use?!

Do you have a microphone of any kind whatsoever?!

Do you love, or at least tolerate fanfiction?!

Can you imagine combining all three?!

Then do I have an offer for you!!

...okay, toning it down some.

In short, I'm looking for volunteers to help with the Golden Oaks fanfiction reading project. At this point I'm mostly looking for folks to lend additional voices to the fics I'm reading, but I imagine the whole project should also be able to grow on its own given interested contributors.

So, if you are interested, drop a line here. I don't care about the quality of hardware you have to work with, and if you're worried you're not good enough, I care even less. The only question I care about is whether you think you'd enjoy it. Everything else is insignificant.

I hope to hear from you, in more ways than one.



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3 hours ago, Inspector Clouseau said:

I would bi interested.


Let's see... I have my eyes on "Pony, Please" {I asked the author and I have their permission}. I really want to do the narrator/booth guy voices for this one because... reasons. There is a bunch of voices for visitants and their ponies and other side characters, though - would you be interested in helping with those? For that matter, do you have a preference for what kind of voices/characters you'd like to do?

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Not particularly. I’m trash at female voices, and since I haven’t read that one, let me read it and maybe come up with some ideas in my head. I would definitely be interested.

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7 hours ago, Inspector Clouseau said:

I’m trash at female voices

Oh man, can I relate. I might experiment with changing the pitch or something like that, but really, whatever you're comfortable with. For what it's worth, I have a version here that has the dialogue highlighted.

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Dope, I’ll take a look when I have time, tonight is a bit busy and I have class and stuff tomorrow, but I should have some time in the evening.

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Take your time - I won't start for a few days, I'm sick as all heck and I'm sure it'll take me a while to record my stuff.

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