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series finale The End of an Era, transitioning to a New Beginning

Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. :D

What a great way to end the TV series of FiM. I'm more than satisfied with it.

However, I do acknowledge that Season 10 is confirmed for the comics (which I may definitely want to get my hands on). Which because of that, I can expect the Brony Animators to animate Season 10 anyway as soon as it goes public.

Also, I am still being cautiously optimistic about G5 MLP. I've heard some good things from some insiders about it, though we'll see the results when they show it.

Just like with any other TV/Movie series, just because it ends, doesn't mean the fandom has to.

No matter what, I'm still here to share the magic of friendship with all of you here. That will never change.

I hope the same with most (if not all of you).

Yours sincerely,

Jonny Music (as a reminder, my OC's name is Silver Whistle ;) )

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It was a wonderful rainbooming tears of joy ride loyalty is and will be always be in my heart I'AM proud to be a brony long live the friendship is magic which will truly be in your memory of the show you loved for 9 seasons we finally say goodbye and knowing that a show that's crying hard to let go of does have a happy ending after all !

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Also thank you Tara Strong for voicing Twilight sparkle so proud with magic, Thank you Andrea Lidman, So yah voicing Fluttershy and wild party pony Pinkie pie, So Tabitha St.Germain voice of Rarity are you still dating your Spiky Wiky  or just friends ?  What do you think ?  Cathy Weseluck voice of Spike, Ashleigh Ball thank you for being the awesomous actress voice of Rainbowdash and Apple jack, Thank you for your humor and excitement John De Lancie as Discord, Thank you for a  awesome job voicing Queen Chrysalis and The great and powerful Trixie Kathleen Barr , Thank you Lauren Faust for bringing My Little Pony to life for all these years !  Thank you for the awesome laughter Weird Al as Cheese Sandwich, Thank you Grand Pear you wonderful Star Trek Brony William Shatner, Thank you great enchantress Zecora voicing your rhymes actress Brenda Crichlow, Thank you for your awesome talented voice of Cozy Glow actress Sunni Westbrook, Good job want to thank you for voicing Tirek bet it was hard to keep his voice show actor Mark Acheson!

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Part 2 is the last thank you for the actors who  worked on the show for 9 seasons!  Want to thank you for having Derpy Hoooves awesome and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna royal loving sisters, Thank you for having the great Cutie mark Crusaders, Doctor Whooves and last Starlight Glimmer! 

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