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Development Update 1/16/2020



HELLO, FOLKS! It's time for another development update!

PHEW... I've been hard at work adding various new systems to the game in order to make it more enjoyable, as well as polishing up some other things that needed bugfixing for some time now. And I'm glad to say: Demo V0.2.0 has finally been released!

There is A LOT to unpack in this new release, so I'll make it very brief ( I am writing this at midnight, after all; I need to go to bed soon! ):



- Removed the music from the previous release and replaced it with the enhanced Golden Sun soundtrack from the games alpha, due to our composer having left the project.
- Re-balanced the EXP system.
- Added the alchemy system!
- Added an "Options" menu with various settings to adjust!
- Added the first handful of Equestria zones, including the first part of the San Palomino Desert and the Equality Shrine!
- Added Lightning Storm as a party member!
- Added the Power Orb system!
- Added 2 additional equipment slots: One extra Accessory slot and a special slot for Power Orbs!
- Added the "Special" and "Summon" tabs to the Magic menu.
- Reworked the Ember Pony into a melee-based damage class.
- Readjusted the stats of the seven player classes and the monsters to fix a few issues found in the previous demo build.
- Fixed a few glitches related to skills.
- Rewrote the descriptions of the seven classes on the startup menu.
- Several other changes and minor bug fixes.


Always remember, if you encounter any bugs in the newest build of the game, let me know right away so I can patch them out!

This will very likely be the FINAL demo release before the full game comes out. So enjoy all the new stuff!

See you on the flip side, everypony!


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