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Addressing the topic of "leaving"



I think I've made a few comments on the topic saying that "I don't necessarily blame people for leaving here, as there's been a lot of political extremism and divisiveness lately".


I'll clarify something that sort of contradicts what I've said there: I likely won't leave here. Even if Pony Life seems like hot trash. There's really some nice people in this community and a few friends I've made on here that I would prefer to keep. Also, generally speaking, my experiences with this site have been positive, even if lately it's becoming more of a mixed bag. This really has been quite a great place for me to vent about things I don't generally talk about anywhere else, personally or online. Whether that be my gender identity (though my BF knows and is very much accepting of it, even if he prefers to think of me as a he which is fine), certain issues of mine, or whatever. MOST of the people here are very accepting...


BUT, I will NOT ignore the facts: there's definitely a problem. I personally have seen a lot of divisive and extremist comments, from the far right and PC liberals alike. And frankly I will also say, there are people who I WISH would leave this site. And some of them have, in most cases complaining about the very thing they've perpetrated themselves. These people are a very harmful influence to what is otherwise a generally friendly site. The homophobia needs to stop, the racism needs to stop, but so do baseless accusations of either. The racism I've seen on this site has been staggering in recent weeks, and I've seen homophobic nonsense from even moderators (even an admin has demonstrated homophobia) on this site. This kind of behavior should NOT be okay to, let alone promoted by somebody who's SUPPOSED to be a role model for other members to follow, as well as somebody in charge of ensuring people behave themselves. I can tell you, though, this list only covers roughly 15 or so members that have been problematic and divisive in such a way. These are also very two-faced members which makes it even more troubling. They will put on a tolerant, loving face one moment and then the next spew blatant hate and divisive vitriol. All the while usually pretending other people who aren't, are.


I have addressed the politics of recent events a good few times, and I must say both extremes are very deeply wrong about these issues, even if the far right is more wrong about it than the PC crowd is. But both of these groups on this site are becoming very, very divisive. And I will say if anybody claims I'm being divisive with this, it can be assured that it's them and not me being divisive. In fact, I'm just trying to be reasonable and trying to say we can't accept these sociopolitical fringe groups' divisive agendas if we want to keep our community friendly. I may be done with non-allied straight pride, people worshipping blatantly racist traitors to the US, and people calling others terrorists for no justifiable reason, but I'm also done with people being called racist for not supporting an extreme movement. I'm done with the misinformation that every protestor is violent (when actually the cops are more violent than the protestors), but also the misinformation that anything remotely close to disbanding the police force is anything but a bad idea. I'm seriously f***ing tired of this $#!+. Not this site, but the political, clearly agenda-driven bull$#!+ some people say on it.


If you are one of these divisive people, which you likely know who you are, you are a bad influence, and yes you SHOULD leave. You are actively making this site worse for everyone. Otherwise, we should band together and try to remain a community of people who like or liked the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We should try not to stress these issues and make this site more about them, while in the process ignoring the REAL meaning of "love and tolerate" and the lessons the show has taught us. Just stop the divisiveness and bickering already. Both sides of the mainstream are wrong, now deal with it and move on. I just want a place where I can be without this nonsense, and I think the rest of us should too.

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