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Episode 84 - Video Chats on Shows




This one's gonna require of a bit of explaining.

Y'know what really grinds my gears?  Video chats on tv shows.  What annoys me is when they have the person on the video screen look towards the person in the scene in way that makes no sense.  Okay, so, picture this: we're looking at a person in the scene, and that person has a smart device of some type, and they're video chatting with someone.  Then the person in the scene turns the device so that the person they're talking to can see other people or things in the room.  Now we're looking at the person in the scene and the person in the video chat at the same time.  Then the person in the video chat will turn their entire head so that it appears, from the audience's vantage point, like they're looking at and talking to the person in the scene, but this is impossible!  They're not looking at the camera anymore!  This is most easily explained with an example picture.

Look at this:



The character on the screen is looking at and talking to the character in the scene, but what is the character on the laptop screen actually looking at?  A F*CKING WALL, that's what!  He's sitting at a computer with a webcam, and he turns his head and looks at a f*cking wall in the corner of the room.  He can't see the person he's talking to anymore!  He's not looking at the screen or the camera!  That's not how screens or cameras work!  They think it looks more natural and pleasing to the eye, but it's just stupid!  They do this sh*t all the time, and I hate it!!  :Cozy:

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