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Woohoo Watches: Hey Arnold Season 5




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It's the final countdown... I mean Woohoo here continuing my project of rewatching and reviewing every episode of Hey Arnold. Welp, we've reached the last season, guys. I started S5 not long after finishing S4, albeit very slowly to savor it. The final season originally aired from March 2000 to June 2004... wait, 2004? Unfortunately, quite a few of the episodes aired years later after being produced and out of order (WTF, Nick? You seriously have a holdover problem.) Much like Season 3 and 4, S5 has 20 episodes but broken down to 32 11-minute segments, 2 22-minute specials, and 1 45-minute special. This season also has the same animation quality as S4 (though the last two specials have higher quality animation.)

You all know my rating system by now. Since Season 4 was somewhat of a letdown, will S5 be an improvement? Let's jump right in...


81a. Sid the Vampire Slayer: Meh | 81b. Big Sis: Bad

82a.* Gerald's Game: Meh | 82b.* Fishing Trip: Bold

83a. Bag of Money: Raspberry | 83b. Principal Simmons: Raspberry

84a. New Bully on the Block: Bad | 84b. Phoebe Breaks a Leg: Good

85a. Stuck in a Tree: Bold | 85b. Rhonda goes Broke: Good

86a. Helga's Locket: Good | 86b. Sid and Germs: Meh

87a. Beaned: Good | 87b. Old Iron ManMeh

88a.* Ghost Bride: Bold | 88b.* Gerald vs Jamie O: Meh

89a. Suspended: Meh | 89b. Ernie in Love: Good

90a. Arnold visits Arnie: Meh | 90b. Chocolate Boy: Bold

91a. Harold vs Patty: Good | 91b. Rich Guy: Good

92a.* The Racing Mule: Bold | 92b.* Curly's Girl: Raspberry

93a.* On the Lam: Bold | 93b.* Family Man: Good

94a.* Phoebe's Little Problem: Bad | 94b.* Grandpa's Packard: Good

95a.* A Day in the Life of a Classroom: Bold | 95b.* Big Bob's Crisis: Bold

96s. Married: Meh  

97a.* Timberly Loves Arnold: Meh | 97b.* Eugene, Eugene!: Bold

98s. April Fools Day: Good

99s & 100s. The Journal Part I & II: Bold x 2

...And that was every episode of Hey Arnold Season 5. Let's see that chart.


In a way, Hey Arnold Season 5 was a decent improvement over S4; with a few less Bad, one less Raspberry, and a couple more Good episodes. However, there were a few more Meh episodes this season, including probably the only time that a special episode got a rating lower than Good. I don't know what was going on with the writing during the last two seasons, but it feels like something from the previous three seasons was missing. I guess this reinforces my belief that the show's formula was going stale. This also makes me feel very relieved that the show didn't get renewed for more seasons; much like Rugrats back in the day or SpongeBob and The Loud House in the present day, with those shows dragging on and on with no end in sight. Now that I've gotten the critical stuff out of the way, S5 still produced a fair number of Bold episodes; in fact, the same number as S4... weird, huh? Ugh, I'm rambling. Better wrap this up...

As for this season's rating; while the series didn't end on a perfect high note, it did end on a pretty good one. Season 5 is a pretty GOOD season.

Onto my Top 5 for this season, blah-blah-blah had a hard time filling the slots...

  1.  The Journal Part I & II
  2.  Ghost Bride
  3.  Eugene, Eugene!
  4.  Chocolate Boy
  5.  The Racing Mule

Now for the Bottom 5, yadda-yadda-yadda had an easy time filling the slots...

  1.  Curly's Girl
  2.  Bag of Money
  3.  Principal Simmons
  4.  New Bully on the Block
  5.  Phoebe's Little Problem

 That concludes this entry, as well as my whole saga into rewatching and reviewing every season of Hey Arnold. I hope you enjoyed coming along for this ride down memory lane. Man, I still can't believe this is over... Wait, it's not over. There's one more Hey Arnold thing I still need to review. Yep, I'm talking about The Jungle Movie... which I still haven't seen yet. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to review it as well as the 2002 theatrical film. Until then, this is Woohoo... well since I already mentioned "The Final Countdown," I'm blasting off!

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 "Ghost Bride" was fun to revisit this Halloween and "The Journal 1&2" had to be fun for you going into "The Jungle Movie". :eager:

I'm still not a fan of episodes with Sid as a major player or episodes where Harold acts really dumb. :huh:

I recently rewatched "Principal Simmons" and while I liked this episode originally, I wasn't enjoying myself this time around unfortunately. 

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10 hours ago, Sparklefan1234 said:

I recently rewatched "Principal Simmons" and while I liked this episode originally, I wasn't enjoying myself this time around unfortunately. 

Same here... though I still enjoy "I Will Prevail."

Still, while the song was great, it wasn't enough to save the episode from the Raspberry rating. 

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