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Strange MLP Dream



I had the weirdest pony-related dream last night. In it, King Sombra was on this snowy plain looking up at the moon. Three eyes were on the moon with yellow, blue, pink, and white colors. A fourth eye appeared on it, and something that looked like Pinkie Pie's soul appeared in that eye when the view moved closer to the moon. When the view moved back to Sombra, he had this concerned look on his face before souls came out of the eyes on the moon and went into his eyes, turning them green with his purple haze exuding from them. 

I don't remember if this my first time dreaming about pony or not, but I know for sure I've never had a pony dream THAT BIZARRE before. :mlp_blink:

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Be lucky you have pony dreams. You know how deep my dreams get - and I have not had a single pony dream in at least a year. 

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Aaahhhh yes pinkie pie...I have always doubted thee... Surely the cause of Sombra's insanity.:derp:

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That’s cool!  Weird dreams are best dreams unless they’re nightmares.  

I haven’t had many pony dreams myself, but  one of them I remember RD telling someone who kept following us around to F off and it was kinda funny.  

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