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Episode 105 - Distorted Audio



Hey.  Y'know what really grinds my gears?  Distorted, grating audio.

I absolutely hate it when I'm watching a youtube fail compilation or similar video, with clip after clip of nice, shiny, HD video and proper sound, and then all of a sudden a grainy, blurry, 144p video clip pops up, and then something loud happens, like a car crashes through a metal gate, or a deer smashes headlong into a metal trashcan, and the audio is grating, distorted, and sounds like someone just got in their car, drove unto the freeway at 70 mph, then opened the door, took a microphone, and just pressed it into the asphalt as hard as they could.  I'm always afraid it's going to blow out my f*cking speakers.  This is why I always put the volume really low in compilation videos, but sometimes the grating audio is still too loud.  That's why I scramble to mute it every time I see 144p video.

There are quite a few actual youtubers with proper equipment who, for whatever reason, get into that distorted, grating audio territory when they raise their voices, and it sounds like they're blowing out their mic.  PewDiePie is actually one of these.  I actually like him, but I can't watch him for this one reason.  Ever time he yells, (which he does a lot), the audio distorts.  It's awful.  :scoots:

The worst offender I can think of is Dani.  Really funny guy, and I love his videos, but my f*cking CELESTIA the audio!  :lostit:  In addition to the distorted yelling, he's also a fan of inserting sudden, loud memes, jumpscares and the like, all of which have distorted, grating audio.  If you're gonna watch his stuff, put the volume at 1%.  Seriously. 

I have a friend who's sort of in "the biz".  He's a professional photographer and video editor.  He's the guy you call when you want your wedding photographed and recorded and a video of it made.  He sort of has a mantra about audio being king.  He always says that people will put up with low-rez video all day long if it's the content they really want, but if the audio is bad, they'll click off of that sh*t faster than you can blink.  So true.

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