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21.04 Session Pony in a bottle

North Star


Last session

Previously… Dyny stroked Starlight’s face.

Asked questions of her and then became suspicious of her.

Starlight was confronted for looking young.

Party went to outskirts of town. Two Celestia priests, one old and one young.

Younger one roped party into aiding him finding the little possessed filly.


Mango removes knife.

Mango presents herself to be healed.

Skylight opines that the filly is up to no good.

Lamp Shade humbly waits to be healed.

Dyny tries to heal lamp shade, but he is too chad. His wounds become him.

Forest Storm is up. Still too chad.

Filly is gingerly healed.

Lampshade believes that the filly should be brought back to the temple.

Mango suggests encasing the head in a large fruit.

"Let me see if I can find my licorice lasso" Skylight digs through her pocket dimension.

Filly is restrained in delicious liquorice. Mango carries the candy filly.

Forest Storm – check up on the priest. Priest regards grand piano.

Skylight fires a rocket which destroys the grand piano.

Priest is confused.

Dyny – reassures.

Suddenly hentai!

Dyny explains about possessed filly.

It is common for them to become possessed!

It’s a newer phenomenon. The party are non-plussed. Magic goes crazy.

Can she be exorcised?


Mango carries the child. Mango flinches.

"How about no!?" Skylight replies to the filly.

“Only knife after exorcism. NOT BEFORE!”

Mango says “unicorns are nuts”.

Caramel responds that she “resembles that remark” to which Mango giggles.

Dyny, is dating a crazy unicorn!

Crazy unicorn begins to try to exorcise the demon but is discouraged.

Possessed FIlly "pffftblblblb" to skylight.

Mango squeaks as she is poked by the filly’s head. She tuts at it and tightens the lasso.

Who can exorcise? Head priest can exorcise?

Anyone can be possessed by a demon? Evil demons might act like Black Liquorice.

To Maud

"Yeah let's find Pinkie quickly, then gather the rest of the mane six and confront Black Licorice" says Skylight.

Mango buys potions.

The ponies sleep.

The Everfree looks more menacing. Given that last time Mango got decapitated, that is very menacing.

Mango asks if the forest is angry.

"Fate doesn't seem to be looking kindly upon us today. Maybe we should... reconsider?" says Lamp Shade.

"Something feels off..." Skylight remarks.

Forest Storm is uncertain.

Mango sees Lamp Shade etc looking sad and puts on a show with her sword dance. “Go Homewreckers!”

Everyone hears a *tink* like a pebble hitting glass.

Mango tries to see, but can’t.

Skylight stops and turns her head towards it. "Did you all hear that?" she whispers to the others.

Caramel nods.

It sounds low to the ground.

Lamp Shade wavers at the sounds. The ominous forest has dampened his enthusiasm.

Mango wants to investigate with Lamp Shade – she puts a comforting hoof to their shoulder and moves towards the noise.

Forest lights a torch.

Forest pokes bush with a stick.

Deciduous shrub.

Mango eats shrub.

In the gap she sees a reflection/glint. “I saw a glint!” Mango says.

Button behind glass.


*tink tink*

Skylight casts detect magic and the bush is magic. Enchantment, to be precise.

Mason Jar with pony doll in it. Brown-red hair + button-eyes.






"Can you talk?"

"If so, why are you in there?"

It doesn’t respond.

Mango is securing the area.

In tact shrub? Old shrub, or fast growing?

“Tap three times if you understand,” says Skylight. It taps four times.

“Bring it with us?”

"That was four. Welp, either that doll is messing with us or it doesn't understand."

“Show it to Starlight?”

"Yeah let's do that"

Mango, Dyny step back.

Forest picks it up. “Animated plush falls on its back.”

Forest puts it in his saddlebag.

Go through barrier.

Caramel sees this:



Mango waves at them.

Caramel says to be careful with the military.

Mango shrugs it off.

"Wait, didn't we hear somepony complain about them from Canterlot from a while back?" Skylight whispered to Caramel despite how high up they were.

[Rich unicorns complained about them back in the Day Court.The pegasi are landing at a tower.]

Starlight noms lunch. Phyllis!

To her office!

“Why was it in a bush!”

Mango stomps her hoof – irritable that they have let themselves become distracted.

Starlight observes that it is strange.

Lamp Shade nods at Skylight. "They used to be common, but not anymore?"

“No one remembers my little doggy,” says Starlight.

“It might get rebooted!” says Lamp Shade.

It can’t get out the jar.

“Aw!” go the ponies.

"But why is it's magic so strong?" Skylight asks


“Could it be Black Liquorice’s?”

“Keep it!”

“Would BL know we took it?” asks Dyny.

“Who does it belong to?”

Stalight goes outside to try to cast the magic.

“What’s the deal, with the angry fashion forward ponies in the sky?”

“That’s the berets!”

"The ones in the red uniforms. Why were the poniescomplaining about them?"

They are angry former military.

"Maybe Beret just needs to meet Fluttershy."

Starlight casts the spell.

The pony doesn’t seem to be living or on this plane.

Starlight mentions that the magic is connected to Our Town.

"Yeah we did. I remember this quite vividly." Skylight said to Dynamo. She turns to Starlight "Hey look, we know you're past that."

20 years ago it was there.

Quest to find the remnant of magic. AJ’s brother moved to Our Town. Check. Doll belongs to a person in Our Town. Why in the forest? To visit Ponyville?

Go back to Ponyville.

Resting in Ponyville.

Plan ask Maud about Pinkie.

"Well our town is quite far away. I think we should just focus on Ponyville, finding Pinkie Pie, and dealing with Black Licorice"

"I think we should look into this after we deal with Black Licorice"

"Personally, I think that we should just get the mane six together to just deal with Black Licorice..."

"If only there was a train that went very quickly between Canterlot and Ponyville. Maybe something like a high speed train of some sort..." Skylight remarked.

Maud is there.


“Are you here for the tour?”

No – urgent mission.

“Where is Pinkie Pie!”

Why not just say so.

Pinkie returns the letter in a day?



"Hello Pinkie Pie, I'm Skylight," Skylight replies.

“Is that Forest Storm?”
"Yes, there's this totally evil pony that wants to make everypony in Equestria miserable and we want to gather up all of the mane six to defeat this pony."
"Her name is Black Licorice But the way"
"We can trust Pinkie, right?"
"I think this is just her super secret planning place or something," Skylight says.

Re: trusting Pinkie: "Bearer of Harmony, savior of Equestria, friend to the princess. I don't see why not...?" Lamp Shade sounds nervous.
Skylight S.:"Come on, let's just go" Skylight encourages
"...And what is the purpose of this go kart?"
"Well Black Licorice caused this, I think if we defeat her, it would be fixed. Also, We could just have a doctor following her to just constantly cast healing magic on her or something..."
"I suppose we should get her last."
"Also, can we all fit on that go kart?"
"No I don't think so," Skylight whispers to Dynamo.


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5 hours ago, Princess Silky said:

You know what this requires? Shocked Shining armor emoji D: 

You're always creating such interesting content and I missed out on this one due to background stuffs going on D:

@Dynamo Pad @Silly Druid @Skylight Scintillate you silly fillies!

aw, yes, I miss the silky shenanigans :( but hopefully next time!

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