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Learn the rules of the road and manners!

Rainbow    Dash


Ok before i go off on my little rant i just wanted to say that i am guilty of this too. So I am driving home listening to some hardcore dubstep metal combination music and i was in that crush. kill. destroy. swag. mood. So as i am driving along on an empty road this lady pulls out in front of me. Now keep in mind that the road was empty and there was no one behind me. As she pulled in front of me i had to make a split second decision to either go around her or run into her. So i decided to go around except here comes a truck.

I slammed on the brakes which caused me to skid. i lost control of my truck for a second or two and was going right into the oncoming lane. I felt that i had lost enough speed and released the brakes. she shook her head at me like im the reckless driver. I almost followed her just to yell "you cant wait 5 seconds for a car to pass? or are you that greedy?" but i pulled off to the side and calmed down.


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