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Is a Railfan/Busfan Brony (Woodlawn & Riverdale - 9/19/2012 & 9/24/2012)

Dark Qiviut


Long before I was a brony, I was and still is railfanner and busfanner. Typically, people travel because they had to. As a busfanner and railfanner, I travel just for the fun of it and will occasionally shoot pictures or videos of the occasion. Occasionally, I post videos of my trips on my YouTube account and will post pictures in one of my main forums, the NYC Transit Forums, under the handle RTS CNG Command.


Two of these examples are Woodlawn and Riverdale, New York City railroad stations under control of MTA's Metro-North Railroad. Both videos took place days apart.


Early in 2012, a friend of mine, Cait Sith, posted a video of his time in Woodlawn

. Inspired by his work, I decided to make a stop to Woodlawn myself. Every clip that I recorded while I was at Woodlawn is consolidated into one movie via iMovie 11.


Most of the clips are recorded in 720p because that framerate captures the high-speed movement better than 1080i or 1080p. Uploaded on September 20.



Five days later, I desires to railfan again, this time to Riverdale, a station that I repeatedly have been to since I was four years old. Four photos are in this videos, along with an intro.


All thirty-plus minutes of these clips are recorded in 720p, consolidated into one, and edited in iMovie '11. Uploaded this afternoon.


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Very nice! I have a few friends that go railfanning. We live in Washington DC so we go to the train yards to see the Acela Express and WMATA trains goin by. Nice way to pass the time. They are building a new Streetcar line they finally got one line almost finished. They got the rail cars about a year ago from the Czech republic they are pretty cool. Looking forward to seeing them soon.

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Cool!  I'm a railfan myself.  For a Philly and SEPTA guy, I know the Metro-North system very well.  I'm not as well versed with the Washington system though.  On the other hand, the MBTA is my second home because I take a jaunt to Boston at least once a year (although I didn't go in 2012).


But hey, it's always nice to see members with common interests BESIDES ponies.  :)

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A proud railfan myself. I grew up on Long Island and now live in Connecticut and love Metro-North. I take Amtrak to college down in Virginia and it's such a convenience. My dad commutes on Metro-North and we both know all about public transit in New York City. Honestly, our rail system is not Europe's but it is unique and full of history. 

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