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An Absent Father



Tonight I'd thought of greeting my Dad a happy father's day. If only I could.



I'm in this situation wherein my dad doesn't visit us often anymore. He's always been a man of work first, family second and I get that. He's just trying to provide as much good care to our family so that me and my sister wouldn't have to endure the hardships and struggles he faced when he was my age. I'm serious during his time it was tough. My dad didn't finish high-school when he started working in an industrial plant. Sometimes he had to sleep on those cold metallic conveyer belts at night so that he could earn a little more to provide his other nine siblings. Went through many odd jobs to get by. Eventually he was able to make it in College and earn a degree. Since then it's been just all about the work and saving up. I can't stress enough how he constantly reminds my sister and I when we were younger to study hard, no goofing around, focus on school, no relationships, no videogames and everything else you might expect from a stereotypical Chinese parent.


We had financial trouble a couple of years ago and that was the time my father became so very distant from us that it reached up to the point where both of my parents had a falling out. It was hard to just get through the arguments, miscommunications and short tempers. It was like a horrible nightmare unfolding every minute. Losing the things which I now consider a luxury was heart wrenching. Being exposed to the harshness I had to face reality.


Anyway... After it was all said and done my family was never the same again.


My parents separated and I was forced to fill in some logic to why my father did that.. Leave. So now as I browse around my social network pages and see so many other people posting images of them with their dad and how it's all merry for them I think to myself:


"There so lucky. I wish them the best"


Because I can't overstate enough how hard it is without a father anymore. Yes I have so much anger pressed down that screaming it out to the masses or throwing it at someone else' face would be the solution. NO of course not. There's another way. Letting it go. Bottling all that emotional baggage isn't healthy so now at least I get the chance to just let it go.



I hope what I've said made the rest of you out there cherish what you have even more because you never know that he/she/it may be gone tomorrow.


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