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Why Platforming Gaming Should be Focused on More During the Next Generation

Before going into this, I will state right off the bat that I know that some people won't agree with me. I'm just going by what I think. Platformers are my favorite video game genre, and I just feel they should be focused on a lot more during this next generation of consoles.

Now, I'm gonna be really frank; I don't the like the truckload of FPS's and shooting games of the such that we get nowadays. I understand that they're the big money-makers these days, but I honestly think that there is an extreme lack of creativity and real innovation in gaming companies these days.

Though, there is one genre that never fails in creativity; Platforming. It's a gaming genre that's existed since the beginning. It's likely not gonna go away. There are classic games that lots of people absolutely love like Mario Bros. 3 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Those games are platformers. Games like that can take a level and just go all-out with their imaginations on it.

I think that there should be more games like this during this new generation of gaming. With the newer technology and tools we're working with nowadays, companies can make more solid modern platformers like Rayman Legends or Sonic Generations and such. I still believe that game companies still can be inventive. I think Platformer games are where they can truly express it.

(Don't think that I'm biased towards other genres, though. I LOVE branching out in the gaming community.)


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